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Here, you can learn about notable screamers by each year. For a list of all screamers on the wiki, go to the Screamer Library. This timeline only contains some moments, not all moments of each year. Click on the year/decade to view all screamers and shock sites released in that time frame. Note that you can add more screamers to this article if you want.


Ladies and gentlemen, the very first screamer video...
  • What is said to be the first modern day screamer ever, Monkey on Their Backs, was aired on TV as a PSA on the topic of anti-heroin. Though not deliberately, it can be said to have kickstarted a myriad of videos, gifs and games under the names of 'screamers'.


  • After the anti-heroin PSA in the 70s, there was a wave of shock videos being used as PSAs and ads on TV. They typically contained gore and other disturbing imagery, such as Dumb Animals and Faroe Islands.
  • Also, during this time, footage of Budd Dwyer's Suicide was recorded. It wasn't until the rise of the internet that this footage was shown worldwide on sites such as Liveleak and YouTube.


  • In this decade, the first ever screamer software was released onto Amiga computers, dubbed NightMare. This software would load an image of a skull every 5 minutes alongside a scream; possibly the pioneer for screamer videos today.
  • More gory PSAs were broadcasted, such as Tigers.


  • 1997 saw a spike in screamers / shock videos.
  • This year saw the world's first shock site,, go live.
  • As with 1990 and earlier, PSAs such as The Chase were broadcasted, and ads, such as Teletoon at Night Bumper were put onto TV during this time.


  • 1999 saw many infamous sites be put onto the internet. Examples are and
  • Also in this year, the first actual screamer game was released to the public. The game in question being Frau1.exe, a Trojan virus.
  • This year, PSAs seemed to vanish from TV.


  • The third millenium is when screamers became more and more active, especially the late 2000s, early 2010s.
  • The first year of the 2000s saw more applications; such as Hikaru.exe and McDonalds.exe and more shock sites such as, and Skinny Dipping.
  • This year starts the "Golden Age" of Screamers.


  • One of the most famous screamers of all time, and one to pioneer the future of screamers and jumpscares; What's Wrong? was released this year. This screamer was the first to use the famous image of a pale woman with black eyes and her hands on her face. Many other screamers were made in future years in the style first seen here. The screamer was made by Jeremy Winterrowd, who also created a site,, that year where he can host his creations.
  • Other sites, such as Rate My Poo were launched this year.


  • Before 2002, screamers were all spaced out throught their respective year, and there were very little. But 2002 saw a huge increase of screamers and shock sites, many done in the style of Jeremy Winterrowd, such as Clock Crew Quiz and Color. Nickelodeon made their own screamer similar to Winterrowd's, called Black Licorice. A creater similar to Jeremy, Liquid Generation, saw their debut this year too, and went on to create many games which he dubbed "Sabotages". These games couldn't be called screamers, more surprising.
  • This year saw gifs enter the screamer scene, with additions to the screamer family such as blue.gif.
  • As with previous years, many shock sites made their way online, such as the famous Lemon Party site.
  • The first ever internet widespread screamer, Kikia, debuted this year and possibly drove the idea of screamers worldwide.


  • After a grand year for screamers, 2003 saw a slight dip in the frequency of screamers posted online. Screamers similar to Liquid Generation and Winterrowd still surfaced, such as Meinzwilling and Night Vision. Liquid Generation continued to create sabotages, such as Celebrity I.Q. Test and his beyond well known When Will I/You Die?.
  • A shock site potentially parodying Lemon Party called Lime Rave was uploaded.
  • This year was the first year to result in many people being cautious on the internet, as "trojans" started to rise. (i.e, Scary Tic-Tac-Toe and Small Scary Flash)


  • Simply put, 2004 was a huge year for screamers.
  • The most well known screamers of all time were released this year, including The Maze while the infamous K-fee commercials were all recorded and ready to air on TV.
  • The previously mentioned maze game saw sequels spawn, like Maze Game 2 and Maze Game 3. Alongside these maze games, their own site,, was launched.
  • The ability to create screamers was opened to more people with games such as Garry's Mod being released. The famous picture of Regan MacNeil was introduced this year and was already all over the internet.
  • The Albino Blacksheep short video; Good Intentions, was released in 2004.
  • More shock sites were launched such as and many games were released.


  • Similar to how 2004 was a huge year for screamers, 2005 was a huge year for shock sites.
  • Many famous shock sites such as, and were launched. Mr Hands also saw its release this year. It became easier to broadcast your screamers thanks to the launch of YouTube this year.
  • Multiple new games were released, as with previous years, including The Never Ending Level Game and a huge quanitity of sequels to The Maze.
  • The previously mentioned K-fee commercials were aired on TV this year and so was the French ad for Resident Evil 4.
  • Other screamers released this year, such as AV Test.




  • How 2004 was a huge year for screamers and 2005 was a huge year for shock sites, 2008 was a huge year for disturbing videos.
  • A list of disturbing videos released in 2008 include 2 Kids 1 Sandbox, Jarsquatter and 4 Girls Fingerpaint.
  • This was the first year to see over 100 screamers be released.
  • The UK saw a Fire safety PSA release, released by Fire Kills.
  • Leatherface saw his debut as a screamer image this year, being as famous as Regan. This reign as a screamer would not last long, however.




  • Generic screamer videos were released in 2011.
  • The shock site became public.
  • As an April Fools' prank, Minecraft launched it's "" service.
  • The British YouTube series Don't Hug Me I'm Scared begun.
  • The "Screamer Prank" page on TV Tropes was created.
  • This year starts the "Bronze Age" of screamers.




  • MS.Ghost.TV and CrazyMarc666 rose to become a famous screamer video creater, releasing videos such as Scary Ghost Screamer Video to Scare ! and SCARY POP UP - SCARY GHOST VIDEO !!.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's was released onto Gamejolt and Steam, and became infamous for it's jumpscares. It's sequel, Five Night's at Freddy's 2, was also released this year.
  • YouTubers Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD released an episode of their famous series, Epic Rap Battles of History, Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter.
  • International screamers started to become popular.



  • Sr Pelo celebrated halloween by releasing Mokey's Show: Halloween.
  • Omsj dropped online.
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared ended on June 19th.
  • Screamers started to become very similar and begun to "dry up" this year.
  • This year starts the "Iron Age" of screamers