Adult Swim: The Heart, She Holler Promos

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Adult Swim: The Heart, She Holler Promos was a screamer that occurred on Adult Swim in August 2013.

From late August 2013 until mid-September 2013, Adult Swim ran a series of strange promos for one of their TV shows The Heart, She Holler, in which one of the main characters (Meemaw) would randomly appear during promos for other shows, such as Family Guy and The Cleveland show.

At first, this does not sound bad, but how these promos worked is during late-night shows, during the ad breaks, there was a chance Meemaw would randomly pop up screaming. These were very unpredictable; for example, Adult Swim might show a bumper promo for American Dad!, only to have it interrupted by Meemaw screaming for a few seconds before resuming the interrupted promo.


Additionally, the screamers confused and angered many people. Many posts were made to the r/AdultSwim subreddit in which many users expressed their anger at Adult Swim's choice to air these terrifying bumpers. The bumpers were taken down when She Holler aired.


NOTE: The following links contain unsettling imagery!




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