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Welcome to the Screamer Wiki, the number one place to find information about screamers. We are the biggest and most active community of screamer fans on the globe. Here, you will have access to the Screamer Library, one of the largest indexes entirely dedicated to screamers and shock sites. You will find the origin and story behind every screamer ever made, like the famous Scary Maze Game, the K-fee commercials, and a whole lot more. Our library contains 1,174 pages and that number keeps increasing everyday!

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Ahenobarbus Henocied Facebook page screenshot.png

Ahenobarbus Henocied is a nickname for an edited image of a Japanese ichimatsu doll with large bloodshot eyes and a bloodied mouth, which is commonly used a screamer image. There were two lines of text on the image, stating "この画像の時間以内に他の掲示板に貼 らないと年末に恐ろしい事が起こります. 画像を貼らず亡くなった人も本当にいます" ("If you don't post it on another bulletin board within the time of this image, horrible things will happen at the end of the year. Some people really died without posting images". The name "Ahenobarbus Henocied" originated from a Facebook account, which included the image as the profile picture of itself. The account had linked to many acts of pure evil, such as seeking out children on social media and bombarding them with horrific images of gore, torture, and other types of graphic content.

Before the picture had its debut in the Japanese internet culture, it was first used as a chain letter that would say "この画像を1時間以内にほかの掲示板に①個貼らないと年末に恐ろしいことがおこります。画像を貼らずに亡くなった人も本当にいます" (If you don't post this image on another imageboard within one hour, something terrible will happen at the end of the year. There are also people who died because they didn't send this picture.). The image is said to have been spreading around since 2005, though there were a few images similar to this that appeared in 2004.


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