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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised. is a shock site made by the internet trolling organization Gay Nigger Association of America, also known as the GNAA. According to Whois, the website was created on Feburary 15, 2023.[1]

The webpage uses the same source code from Upon opening the website, a large "Enter Site" button with a yellow GNAA logo on the bottom right corner is displayed with text at the very bottom of the page telling the viewer that the site is intended for "GNAA Members", and to leave immediately if otherwise.

Upon clicking the enter button, a vertical clip of DreamybullXXX stroking his penis while crouched down and a vertical GIF of a black man with large genitals stroking his penis with the caption "run 1s son" is shown accompanied by the same audio from Last Measure and a distorted, high pitched audio clip of Dreamybull saying "I'm 'bout to cum!" looping continuously. The background of the site also changes to the Goatse image. The viewer cannot leave the page without going through a confirmation pop-up.

The website can be found on the GNAA's "Dreamybull Football Club" by clicking on the "purchase" button.[2]



NOTE: The following shock site contains graphic content!


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