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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Closed Website
This article is about a website that no longer exists. Links to its archive on the Wayback Machine or a saved copy are provided. was an shock site created by a unofficial revival of the internet trolling organization Gay Nigger Association of America (GNAA). According to WHOIS, the website was created on Feburary 15, 2023.[1]

The website was linked on's "Products" page as a platform called "Climax", and linked on the main page as a football club called "Dreamybull FC". The "club" had its own subpage containing a purchase button hyperlinked to[2]

Content initially used the same source code as The title of the page was "GNAA MIB Defense Climax Counterintelligence Project". Upon opening the website, a large "Enter Site" button with a yellow GNAA logo on the bottom right corner appeared, with text at the very bottom of the page that read "This website is intended for: Timecop, Agent, Trickster, Zalgo, Threat and Luna. If you are not part of the GNAA, exit immediately. Failure to do so may constitute to legal prosecution."

Upon clicking the enter button, the page would enter full screen mode, change the background to Goatse, and display a clip of DreamybullXXX stroking his penis in the center of the page. In addition, a GIF of a black man stroking his penis with the caption "run 1s son" appeared to the left of the DreamybullXXX clip. The page played the "HEY EVERYBODY! I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!" audio sample from Last Measure and a distorted, high pitched audio clip of DreamybullXXX saying "I'm 'bout to cum!" on a continuous loop. The viewer could not leave the page without going through a confirmation pop-up.

In April 2023, the site adopted the code of Last Measure. The title of the page was "GNAA Climax Live!", and the background was a photo collage of Goatse, PenisBird, other pornographic images, and gore, accompanied by the "HEY EVERYBODY! I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!" audio sample and the DreamyBullXXX audio clip from the previous version. The page proceeded to open a large amount of browser windows containing the same content and eventually crashed the browser.

When the user tried to leave the page, a confirmation pop-up that read "I hate niggers." would appear. However, this message would only show up if the user was using Internet Explorer since modern browsers prevent the ability to display custom alert messages upon leaving a webpage.

In July 2023, the site adopted the code of Plan B, the only available evidence is through The title of the page was "Internet Crime - a brief history and how to protect yourself from malicious individuals", hence the name "". The malicious scripts did not work since blocks them. Previously, the page showed a long message with a header titled "Enter the world of crime". The keywords, metadata, and site description suggested the page was attempting to masquerade as a cybersecurity website. Upon clicking the screen, the same exact thing would happen but instead opened a page called "test.htm", which is possibly the same thing as test.html.




NOTE: The following shock site contains graphic content!

  • Original version:
  • April 2023 version:
  • Plan B version (July 2023):
  • July 2023 version:

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