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Screamer Wiki, Screamer Forums, and Screamer Gallery do not provide a warranty for any services, pages, or usage on our websites and therefore are "as-is."

Content posted on the Screamer Network is the responsibility of the user. Screamer Wiki does not claim any responsibility for any content posted on our websites.


Pages on or linked to on the Screamer Network may contain the following:

  • Vulgar or offensive language (in the context of the article).
  • Documentation of controversial topics, including pages where the original content is illegal in certain countries.
  • Spoilers
  • Content that may trigger PTSD.
  • Content that may trigger epileptic seizures.

Screamer Wiki attempts to put warnings before this kind of content may show up, but this may not always happen.

Our websites are not intended for children.


If you believe that a piece of information violates copyright and you are the copyright owner or holder, you may ask an Administrator to remove it.


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