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Screamer websites usually consist of a static image or video, followed by a sudden loud scream. Some popular examples of this include,, and, among others. Screamer websites can also be referred to different types.

Technical information

A website is a group of related web pages stored on a web server and accessible over the internet via a web browser, containing various multimedia elements like text, images, videos, and audio files. Websites serve different purposes like information dissemination, promotion, communication, and e-commerce, catering to individuals, businesses, organizations, and government entities with varying complexities, from simple one-page sites to complex applications. To create a website, one needs web hosting to store web pages and a domain name to identify the website's address. Programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal are used to create and manage websites. A subpage is a web page linked and organized under a parent page. A website hosting platform like Neocities allows users to store their own website files and create their site.


Screamer websites commonly use several techniques, including clickbait, which uses sensational or misleading titles or images to lure users into clicking on a link. The link may appear to lead to something interesting or entertaining, but instead, it directs users to a screamer website that contains startling images or sounds. In addition to clickbait, screamer websites often use pop-ups, which are windows that appear on top of a webpage and can contain advertisements, surveys, or other types of content (for example, Some screamer websites may use pop-ups to display startling images or sounds, which make them malicious. Screamer websites may use redirects to trick users into visiting a different webpage or pop-up window that contains disturbing content. Redirects can occur when clicking on a link, or they can happen automatically when visiting a website. Some screamer websites may use auto-play, a feature that automatically plays a video or sound when a website is opened, as another way to scare the user with unexpected sounds or images.

Types of websites

Malicious sites

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Main Article: Screamer#Malicious scripts

Malicious screamers aim to harm or frighten viewers and can do anything malicious with the user's computer, including infecting it with viruses, malware and more, although that most of these types of screamers doesn't ultimately destroy the computer but rather its purpose for starling effect. Infamous examples include Google Hammer and Last Measure. Shock sites are common to have this tactic, as they may prompt users to click on a link that freeze their computer on a shock image. Creators of malicious screamers often employ common tactics, such as misleading titles or thumbnails (for example, Glory Hole Foundation).


Main Category: Category:Hosts
YouTube, one of the well-known platforms to host screamer and content.
YouTube, one of the well-known platforms to host screamer and content.

Hosts refers to online platforms that host loud, startling, and often disturbing content. These websites often specialize in internet pranks, jokes, or "shock" content, and may not clearly indicate that they include screamers or other potentially disturbing material. They hosted submitted works and then share it through social media or other online platforms in order to attract attention to their website. Some social media platforms, such as YouTube, have also been known to host screamers.

The term can also refer to the creator of the site, in order to avoid confusion with the term makers. However, it can be still necessary to use the term in the context of a screamer website.

Shock sites

Main Article: Shock sites

Shock sites refer to websites that contain explicit and often graphic content that is intended to provoke extreme reactions in viewers. This content can include images and videos depicting violence, gore, sexual content, and other offensive material related to racism, sexism, and discrimination. Shock sites do indicate that they are typically more extreme than other types of screamer websites, as they contain graphic and explicit content intended to shock their websites hence the name. Shock sites have been around since the early days of the internet, with sites like gaining notoriety for their graphic content. Since then, shock sites have proliferated, with new sites constantly being created and shared online.




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