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G-Major videos are a type of screamer, originated on November 24, 2007, by a YouTube user named Gallers, with a YTP video of Hotel Mario, but in G-Major.

The visuals of G-Major videos are mixed with weird, demonic effects. Many of them are considered demonic jokes or are usually based on a hell theme. They are usually accompanied by the effects and an array of colors being mixed out, mostly red, blue, yellow, and white.

The audio of the video is changed to match the notes of a G-Major guitar chord (G, B, and D, hence the name), and some videos usually include a logo, such as THX, wikipedia:Klasky Csupo, WGBH-TV Boston, Family Home Entertainment, and more, with the videos ending with a screamer, where the logo abruptly cuts into a screamer.

In most cases, the visuals of G-major videos consist of inverted colors, with the audio changed to six different pitches.

Annoying Goose videos

Annoying Goose videos are series of screamer videos first started by the user Jackson101306 in August of 2009. The videos are layered on top of each other and serve as an inspiration for 9 Screamers all at once and 2016, regardless whether of it can be placed in different positions or just a complete mess in general. Typically, the visuals of Annoying Goose videos display multiple G-Major videos running simultaneously. All videos are properly synced as the screamer appears. Despite the fact, there was no original purpose behind the name of the video.





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