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This page is about a screamer that is partially lost.
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2016 is a partially-lost screamer video uploaded to YouTube by PawPatrol&Jack'sBigMusicShowFanatic 2004 sometime between Fall 2016 and January 2017. The user has been terminated in early 2018 due to unknown reasons. The screamer has since been controversial, and because of this, the video has received several recreations.

The video is at least eight screamers created in 2016 running simultaneously. They are, from back to front: Coffee Break - Mother 3, Puzzle Room - Kirby: Planet Robobot, FOLLOW THE RED DOT ! SCARY HYPNOSIS GAME !, Scary pop up that will make you jump and cry. World BEST SCREAMER !, Scary VeggieTales Theme Song Reversed, a gameplay of Maze Game 4 that was recorded in 2016, Sleeping Puppy, and News Reporter's Shocking Death on Live Television. All of the screamers are synchronized to go off at the same time around 45 seconds into the video, with the shorter ones delayed to properly align with the longer ones later in the video. According to YouTube user Pipsqueak8205's video titled Random Maze #7, the video accumulated at least 337 views after May 29, 2017.

The video is alleged to contain more screamers, such as Omsj, as the scream from Jingle Bells Reversed can be heard in another video containing 2016.

Controversy and Background

2020-2022: Early controversy

After the user that uploaded the screamer got terminated and before mid-2020, the origin of this video remained unknown to most people. Most people are familiar with it as it was used in a currently partially-lost Up To Faster parison named up to faster 110parison, also created and posted onto YouTube by said user and was showcased on the top left quadrant.

In July of 2020, YouTube user Give Me 5K Subs / NET1973 (now known as DiscoverGuy1999) found the video, its title (2016), length (1:09), and even the link (WAW6cE7DJ78) on Pipsqueak8205's video Random Maze #7 (uploaded on May 29, 2017; 0:01-0:25). After this, controversy arose, and many have requested a reupload to notably YouTube user [SM] Software Maker, as it was used in several of their videos, including Why There million Again Up To Faster Parison Two Side By Side Baldi's Basics (uploaded on November 26, 2018; 0:00-0:51), Screamer Maze (uploaded on December 21, 2018; 2:00-3:09), and Annoying Goose Comparison 4 (uploaded on January 20, 2019; the part of the screamer where Anne.jpg is visible is played on a loop; 0:00-1:27). Discover has had numerous attempts to reupload the screamer, mainly using Wayback Machine, but never worked.

During controversy, at the start of September the same year, NET1973 decided to upload a video similar to the original, and has the same title, though it includes different video. Some notable ones are The Maze, SCP-450, FOLLOW THE RED DOT ! SCARY HYPNOSIS GAME !, Scary pop up 75, K-fee yoga commercial, Arthur.exe and Anne.jpg. An updated version with more sources was released on October 18, 2020 (titled Some Early "2016" Thing), which adds all nine screamers used in his first 9-screamer video (which was taken down on December 13, 2023 for unsafe content), a near-identical Maze Game 4 gameplay, all nine K-fee commercials, Paramount Home Video Feature Presentation Logo Made Over 10,000 More Times Scarier, and the early version of Anne.jpg that was used in Sleeping Puppy. This remake was considered the most accurate for just over two years. another updated version was made by the same creator in March of 2021 with even more sources, but was surprisingly never uploaded singularly to Discover's channel.

On March 28, 2021, a video was uploaded by Discover that 2016 is possible to be found on the Wayback Machine, but was yet to be found. After this, controversy dropped a lot on 2016 due to Discover's low interest on it. However, there were variations made by a few people, eventually seen by Discover during his channel's Classical Revolution that started on January 12, 2023.

On November 6, 2022, YouTube user F made a personalized variation of 2016. Despite being personalized, the remake was more accurate than Some Early "2016" Thing, and contained many of the screamers that Discover couldn't find at the time, as he was too busy focused on The Mario Kart Switch in May of 2022, before switching to the Classical Revolution.

2023-2024: A challenging year

After the reboot begun, more controversy arose. Discover promised YouTubePower member MyDayAston The Muppets Lover NAUTTP NATHDTC POE, that he will reupload it on February 13, 2023, using AceThinker Video Keeper, when returning from Louisville, KY. The site turned out to be a scam. The heartbreak wasn't over for Discover, though, as another new most accurate remake was made by user A Guin Official, sourced from a variation of up to faster 110parison. As such, Discover wanted to reclaim having the most accurate remake.

About a week later, MyDayAston created a 2016 remake playlist, which later became a collaboration with DiscoverGuy1999. On February 25, 2023, DiscoverGuy1999 decided to do an unofficial remake using Kapwing, containing the 5 videos that were seen in the playlist at the time. There were 2 videos not featured in the actual screamer, which may accidentally ended up in the playlist. The 2 videos were removed and replaced with actual screamer videos, Follow The Red Dot 3, to imitate Maze Game 4, and Scary Pop Up Shocker!, to imitate Scary pop up that will make you jump and cry. World BEST SCREAMER !. And not long later the videos got removed from the playlist too. For a short time, The Maze was added to imitate Maze Game 4. Discover used to think Scary Pop Up Shocker! was used to imitate the first half of Sleeping Puppy.

Additionally, Discover decided to use the music video of NachoMacho's 50 states song in remakes until Puzzle Room - Kirby: Planet Robobot was found, where Kentucky screaming at the end aligns with the screamer hit. The video was not added to the playlist.

On March 2, 2023, MyDayAston uploaded an unofficial reupload, using a zoomed-in version of the now-privatized up to faster 163 parison by Qhexbium, and some audio to make it look and sound like the original. The first 17 seconds are not included due to there being no found opaque footage of the first 17 seconds.

After this, MyDayAston and DiscoverGuy started to uncover all the known sources in the screamer, notably using Screamer Wiki articles and other search sites. The first one found was a shock video entitled Puzzle Room - Kirby: Planet Robobot, on March 7, 2023, by viewing the SiIvaGunner category on this wiki. Discover called this A pain in the butt to find!. And eventually the video was added to the playlist. This was used in variations made prior, but it took a while for Discover to find it due to not being a big SiIvaGunner fan.

Afterward, Discover started creating a remake of the screamer using KineMaster 5. He told MyDayAston that he has the near-identical Maze Game 4 gameplay used in Some Early "2016" Thing. The gameplay is slightly longer, the outline is thicker, and the actual gameplay was found later. MyDayAston insisted that he would do the remake, which was agreed and he was told that there's another video in there titled Coffee Break - Mother 3. He was also told that the screamer video with the Loud Nigra sound effect is News Reporter's Shocking Death on Live Television, a lost screamer, which eventually had to be replaced by a different source. Scary pop up that will make you jump and cry. World BEST SCREAMER ! and Sleeping Puppy were discovered later.

The first official remake was uploaded on March 14, 2023 by Discover. Notable inaccuracies are that some of the sources are off-timed, FOLLOW THE RED DOT ! SCARY HYPNOSIS GAME ! is brighter, Scary pop up that will make you jump and cry. World BEST SCREAMER ! is just a green overlay, which is also in front of Scary VeggieTales Theme Song Reversed instead of behind, the whole Maze Game 4 gameplay is used instead of ending after the screamer, the start of Sleeping Puppy is a picture of someone's bedroom, which disappears at the same time Scary VeggieTales Theme Song Reversed, with Anne.jpg being a seperate layer, and since News Reporter's Shocking Death on Live Television is lost, it has replaced by a video made by the same user titled When you see the same term used for some people's Thirty-Eight fanart, and was added due to positive backlash from a video it was featured in by MyDayAston.

The remake was modified on April 9, 2023 after Discover heard of Sleeping Puppy, adding a few similar touches. The inaccuracies are that some of the sources are still off-timed, FOLLOW THE RED DOT ! SCARY HYPNOSIS GAME ! is still brighter, Scary pop up that will make you jump and cry. World BEST SCREAMER ! is still a green overlay up until the screamer occurs, but is now behind Scary VeggieTales Theme Song Reversed, the Maze Game 4 gameplay now ends at the same time, and remakes of Sleeping Puppy and News Reporter's Shocking Death on Live Television are now added. The News Reporter's Shocking Death on Live Television remake is just fragments of the video extracted from the original video, and Sandra's voice is just Google Translate's Portugese voice saying the same quote.

A third remake was made in 30 minutes on May 13, 2023 after the original source of News Reporter's Shocking Death on Live Television has been found the prior day, using the exact timing of the videos and audios. The remake is almost completely accurate, but FOLLOW THE RED DOT ! SCARY HYPNOSIS GAME ! is still brighter, all of Scary pop up that will make you jump and cry. World BEST SCREAMER ! is now added, the actual Maze Game 4 gameplay is now added, and the first half-second of the News Reporter's Shocking Death on Live Television is just extracted from 2016. This day was also a huge day for 2016, as Sleeping Puppy and News Reporter's Shocking Death on Live Television had received remakes sent to the public by using qu.ax. The amount of remakes created had been increased after the third remake.

On January 14, 2024, Discover decided to make one more 2016 remake, which is intended to be the most accurate one possible. The remake was uploaded on January 15, 2024. The only inaccuracy is that FOLLOW THE RED DOT ! SCARY HYPNOSIS GAME ! is dark all the way. This was fixed on January 21, 2024. Discover is currently planning on doing a fifth remake, but is unknown if it would actually happen.

On June 23, 2024, at around 6:00pm BST, MyDayAston found the original video's thumbnail, which seems to be a frame from the video's 40-second mark. We are currently unsure where this came from, but is most likely from a YouTube Multiplier thumbnail.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=WAW6cE7DJ78
  • Recreation (Courtesy of DiscoverGuy1999): youtube.com/watch?v=xrZsGkdStdA
  • Other remakes and variations: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLROQE8zLGxKda-e7ZFn1AuWuEcX8XLbpG
  • Videos where 2016 is sourced: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8s3opbsTA7MbfIKvkZKlFrCWV_Uiufer



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