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Not to be confused with the sequel Scariest Maze Game 2.

Maze Game 4, also known as Scariest Maze Game, is a horror-themed screamer game that has similarities with The Maze. It was developed by Joshua Mustill in 2009 and was originally hosted on his website at The game's success and popularity led to the creation of its sequel, Scariest Maze Game 2.

The game's objective is to guide a blue square through all five levels with the use of the cursor. Each level has a unique set of obstacles that the player must overcome to progress further. There is a chance that completing a level may present the player with an image of a zombie, accompanied by a scream.

The final level deceives the player into thinking that they are racing against a timer to complete the game. However, failing to finish within the given time limit has no consequences and is followed by the message "Nah, I'm just kidding". This ending is a common feature in screamer games and adds to the game's overall sense of humor and irony. The original version of the game had poor grammar, including the phrase ", 'm ut kidding oncentrte nd tke". This has since been corrected in the updated version of the game.

Upon completing the final level, a congratulatory typing animation appears. However, about three-quarters of the way through, the animation is interrupted by a photomontage of terrifying images. These images include a woman with torn-off face makeup, a Ronald McDonald balloon, a red man's face in darkness, a photoshopped hand with a screaming mouth, and an unpleasant light blue face, all accompanied by a screaming sound.


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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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