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Not to be confused with the similarities of Scariest Maze Game 2.

Maze Game 4 formerly Scariest Maze Game 3 is a screamer game that has similarities with The Maze and it was hosted on, its a sequel to Scariest Maze Game 2.

The player's goal is to control a blue square with the use of a cursor to complete all 5 levels, there is a chance that they can get a picture of a zombie whenever they complete one of them, When the player completes the fifth level, the creator sends him a text message congratulating him on finishing the game.

However, it takes about three-quarters of the way through the sentence before it finishes. The following terrifying images will appear: a woman with a part of her face torn off, a balloon from Ronald McDonald, a red man's face in total darkness, a hand with a screaming mouth, and an ugly light blue face with the previously used scream, The game also knows if the player is cheating; if they use right-click, they will be immediately taken to a Game Over screen.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!




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