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Have you ever wanted to play a maze game while underwater? Normally, doing so will lead to nothing more than a mess of a maze book, a pen that won’t work, and your lungs crying in pain for fresh air. Now, you can play your favorite maze game in an underwater adventure, packed with spooky thrills, killer fish, and tons of challenging levels! Try to complete each maze in Scary Maze Game 9 for a special, secret, spooky surprise!

Maze Game 9 or also known as Maze Game 9: Under the Sea: is a screamer game created by in 2014.

The game provides an instruction that asks the player to collect the dots in the path and reach the goal. If the player beats all of the levels, they are awarded a "Bonus level", which is actually the screamer itself. Tthe gameplay is to navigate a dot through all the way through 4 levels. There are dots in the path, and collecting them does nothing.

The last 2 levels contain red urchins, a drumbeat music also plays throughout the gameplay (including the jumpscare part). However, before reaching the goal of level 4, a blue-filtered picture of a girl with no eyes in a bathtub appears and zooms in, along with a loud screech, which was later used in Maze Game 10.

Unlike most Maze Games, this one is underwater-themed.



NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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