Scariest Maze Game 2

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Scariest Maze Game 2.jpg

Scariest Maze Game 2 is a sequel to Maze Game 4 and it's a flash game created by Joshua Mustill.

The player's goal is to control a blue square with their mouse and complete the eighth level. At the sixth level, there are lazers on the bottom. At the seventh level, there is a sword on the middle left and the last level, there is a rainbow bar going up and down. When you beat the last level, either a screamer pops up or you get a white screen. These pictures consist of:

  • A hand with a screaming mouth in the middle of it.
  • A red angry face in complete darkness.
  • A woman with a bloodied laceration on her face.
  • A zombie with white eyes.

The screamers are from Maze Game 4 but this time, the scream is replaced with the same scream from Scary Tic-Tac-Toe.



NOTE: This following game contains a screamer!