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Here you can all the best scary games, share them with your friends and family, and have a blast! New 2022 versions! is a website created in 2012. The site hosts multiple Flash game screamers, most of which are related to The Maze. Some other screamers are hosted on the site, which are made by different creators. The bottom of the webpage also tells the viewer to share the games with their friends.

List of Games

The Original Scary Maze Game

Main Article: The Maze

The Maze, also known as the Scary Maze Game was a Flash game created in October 2004 by game developer Jeremy Winterrowd.

Maze Game 2

Main Article: Maze Game 2

Maze Game 2 is an HTML5 browser game based on The Maze itself, created by in 2014. The game is also playable on mobile devices.

Maze Game 3

Main Article: Maze Game 3

Maze Game 3 or "Scary Maze Game 3", is an HTML5 browser screamer game, based on The Maze, developed by The game was released in 2007.

Maze Game 4

Main Article: Maze Game 4

Maze Game 4 formerly Scariest Maze Game is a screamer game that has similarities with The Maze and was hosted on This game is also a sequel to Scariest Maze Game 2.

Maze Game 5

Main Article: Maze Game 5

Maze Game 5 is a screamer game that shares some similarities to its original game: The Maze.

Maze Game 6

Main Article: Maze Game 6

Not to be confused with Scary Maze Game 6 by

Maze Game 6 is a game like The Maze made by in 2013.

Maze Game 7

Main Article: Maze Game 7

Maze Game 7 is a screamer game created by for their maze game series, the player cannot cheat by clicking or dragging to skip the levels.

Maze Game 8

Main Article: Maze Game 8

Maze Game 8 also known as "Scary Maze Game 8", is a screamer game created by in 2013.

Maze Game 9

Main Article: Maze Game 9

Maze Game 9 or also known as Maze Game 9: Under the Sea: is a screamer game created by in 2014.

Maze Game 10

Main Article: Maze Game 10

Maze Game 10 is a flash game created by in 2011. It is based on the original Scary Maze Game itself.

Halloween Maze

Main Article: Halloween Maze

Halloween Maze also known as Halloween Maze Game or Scary Maze Halloween is a flash screamer game created by as a celebration to Halloween. The game comes with a Halloween theme and spooky music plays in the background silently. The recent version of this game is 2017.

Maze Game DX

Main Article: Maze Game DX

Maze Game DX is a flash game that takes its inspiration from The Maze. It was originally uploaded to, a now-defunct website. The new version of this game is v1.6. The game also knows if the player is cheating. Doing so will tell the player not to cheat and that they must try again.

Scary Differences

Main Article: Scary Differences

Scary Differences is a flash game created by on 2014.

Scary Differences 2

Main Article: Scary Differences 2

Scary Differences 2 is a flash game created by in 2013. It is a sequel to the first Scary Differences game.

Find the 3 Differences

Main Article: Find the 3 Differences

Find the 3 Differences is a screamer flash game made by This game is very similar to Zoeken, but remains a little bit different.

Bubble Wrap Maniac

Main Article: Bubble Wrap Maniac

Bubble Wrap Maniac was a Flash game created by developer Jeremy Winterrowd in 2006. An alternative version was added to

Scary Racing Game

Main Article: Scary Racing Game

Scary Racing Game is a screamer flash game made by in 2013. It looks and plays like a normal 2D racing flash game, where the player controls a yellow car on tracks, as seen in the game.

Scary Needle Game

Main Article: Scary Needle Game

Shakey MacGee's Needle Threading Challenge or also known as "Scary Needle Game" is a flash screamer game that is disguised as a simple needle-threading game. Before the game begins, the player is asked to pick the needle and thread's size and thickness, but it doesn't affect the game whatsoever.

Zoeken/Scary Puzzle Game

Main Article: Zoeken

Zoeken or also known as Zoek Het Verschil or Find The 3 Differences was a screamer animation created by Frits and Stefan Vos in 2004, with a similar concept to What's Wrong?.

Scary Flappy Bird

Main Article: Scary Flappy Bird

Scary Flappy Bird is a screamer game made by on 2013 or 2014.

Save Justin Bieber

Main Article: Save Justin Bieber

Save Justin Bieber was a flash game made by Jeremy Winterrowd. This game is a parody of Winterrowd's most popular flash game The Maze and is aimed towards Justin Bieber fans.


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