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Here you can all the best scary games, share them with your friends and family, and have a blast! New 2024 versions! is a website established in 2012. The site features several Flash game screamers, primarily connected to The Maze. Additionally, the site hosts screamers created by various developers including Bubble Wrap Maniac by Jeremy Winterrowd. The bottom of the webpage encourages viewers to share the games with their friends.

Maze Games

The main menu of Maze Game 2.
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Maze Game 2

Main Article: Maze Game 2

Maze Game 2 is an HTML5 browser game that draws inspiration from The Maze and was developed by in 2014. Accessible on various devices, the game comprises five challenging levels, guiding a dot through mazes without touching walls. Despite the promise of a "special bonus level" only three levels exist. The third level introduces a unique spiral challenge. As players progress, the difficulty increases, culminating in an unexpected screamer featuring Sarah from The Exorcist and a loud female scream. The game has undergone updates, with the screamer audio from The Maze being replaced.

Maze Game 3

Main Article: Maze Game 3

Maze Game 3, also known as Scary Maze Game 3, is a browser-based screamer game released in 2012. It stars a cute mouse navigating mazes for cheese across five increasingly difficult levels. The game's menu includes options to play, view instructions, and access a secret bonus level (currently unavailable). The right-click cheat is cautioned against. The game features a "bonus level" revealing a startling image of Regan MacNeil.

Maze Game 4

Main Article: Maze Game 4

Scariest Maze Game, unofficially titled Maze Game 4 is a horror-themed screamer developed by Joshua Mustill in 2009. Hosted on, it gained popularity, leading to a sequel. Players guide a blue square through five levels, encountering obstacles. Completion may trigger an image of a zombie with a scream. The final level deceives players with a fake timer, followed by an interruption featuring terrifying images accompanied by screams. Grammar issues in the original version have been corrected in later updates.

Maze Game 5

Main Article: Maze Game 5

Maze Game 5 is a Flash game featuring unique maze navigation. The hitboxes are smaller, making it easier. The game consists of four levels, with the fourth being the infamous screamer level displaying a flashing negative image of the What's Wrong? face. Notably, attempts to avoid the objective on the fourth level won't trigger the screamer, persisting until the user exits.

Maze Game 6

Main Article: Maze Game 6

Maze Game 6 is a 2013 Flash game that involves navigating a maze by guiding the cursor. Offering a rules section and four progressively challenging levels, the game introduces uniquely shaped walls, increasing difficulty. Colliding with walls results in an immediate Game Over. Completion rewards players with a startling image of Sarah from The Exorcist and a scream.

Maze Game 7

Main Article: Maze Game 7

Maze Game 7 introduces enemies in maze navigation, including Goomba and others. It follows the typical maze game concept, requiring players to avoid walls without cheating. Although advertised with five levels, it features four, concluding with a screamer of Sarah from The Exorcist.

Maze Game 8

Main Article: Maze Game 8

Maze Game 8, also known as Scary Maze Game 8, challenges players to navigate a maze without cheating. The progressive difficulty and unique challenges lead to a screamer featuring a man with an open tongue upon successful completion.

Maze Game 9

Main Article: Maze Game 9

Maze Game 9, titled Under the Sea, adds a unique underwater environment to the screamer game series. Players navigate a dot through obstacles in four levels, unlocking a screamer bonus level upon completion. The unexpected image of Sarah from The Exorcist, accompanied by a female scream, awaits players at the end.

Maze Game 10

Main Article: Maze Game 10

Maze Game 10, a 2011 Flash game, features a monkey collecting bananas with cursor navigation. Successful completion unlocks a bonus level, revealing a screamer with the face from What's Wrong? and a loud screech.

Halloween Maze

Main Article: Halloween Maze

Halloween Maze, also known as Halloween Maze Game or Scary Maze Halloween, features a Halloween theme with spooky music playing silently in the background. Players control a .png image of a Halloween character using their cursor, with instructions to avoid hitting walls while reaching the end of all 5 levels. Trying to reach the end of the final level triggers a picture of a woman dressed as a zombie zooming in and out, accompanied by the same scream from Maze Game 2.

Maze Game DX

Main Article: Maze Game DX

Maze Game DX, a Flash game inspired by The Maze, features two modes: DX and Casual. In Casual mode, players navigate a red square through three levels, encountering an unexpected screamer featuring Bloody Mary's face and a scream upon reaching the third level. DX mode has four levels, with a chance of randomly encountering a demonic skeleton or the Bloody Mary screamer. The game detects cheating, prompting players to try again.

Find the Difference

See Also: Find the differences
Zoeken is also hosted on under the name "Scary Puzzle Game."

Scary Differences

Main Article: Scary Differences

Scary Differences challenges players to find differences in two images within a time limit. The final set of images becomes identical, and halfway through the fifth level, the What's Wrong? face appears with a high-pitched scream. A sequel for the game, Scary Differences 2, was released a year later.

Find the 3 Differences

Main Article: Find the 3 Differences

Find the 3 Differences is a Flash screamer that resembles Zoeken. Players identify differences in two identical pictures of a house, and a screamer featuring Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist appears with the Maze Game 2 scream before time runs out.


Main Article: Zoeken

Zoeken, also known as "Scary Puzzle Game" on, involves finding three differences in images of a river and hills. After 15 seconds, a screamer of Amy Peterson from Fright Night appears with a roar from Steady Hand. The game credits include SpongeBob SquarePants laughing, with an email link.


Bubble Wrap Maniac / Scary Bubble Wrap

Main Article: Bubble Wrap Maniac
A gameplay snapshot of Bubble Wrap Maniac.

Bubble Wrap Maniac, a 2006 Flash game by Jeremy Winterrowd, features virtual bubble wrap popping. After 25 seconds, a screamer appears with Sarah from Exorcist: The Beginning followed by Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist and the same scream used in The Maze. An alternative version, Scary Bubble Wrap by, replaces Regan's face with that of a scary girl in a bathtub, featuring a watermark with the title "Bloggits"

Scary Racing Game

Main Article: Scary Racing Game

Scary Racing Game is a screamer Flash game created by in 2013. Mimicking a regular 2D racing game, players control a yellow car on a track. The gameplay features simple drumbeat music, utilizing arrow keys for driving and turning, and includes four levels. The difficulty increases with narrower roads and more sharp turns. Level four concludes with a screamer, revealing an image of a mummy with a skull, accompanied by the same scream as The Maze.

Shakey MacGee's Needle Threading Challenge

Main Article: Shakey MacGee's Needle Threading Challenge

Also known as Scary Needle Game, it's an online Flash game that prompts players to choose needle and thread characteristics, though they have no impact on gameplay. The challenge involves guiding a trembling hand with a needle and thread through a small hole, avoiding obstacles. There are three levels with increasing difficulty, introducing balloons and bubbles. Upon completing the third level, a jump scare occurs, displaying a startling image and Pazuzu's demonic face with a loud scream. A coding error causes Pazuzu's face to intermittently flash during certain actions.

Scary Flappy Bird

Main Article: Scary Flappy Bird

Scary Flappy Bird emulates Flappy Bird's gameplay with a toucan controlled by right-clicking to ascend and avoid pipes. The goal is to achieve the highest score by navigating the bird through obstacles. At a score of 7, the game takes a terrifying turn, revealing an eyeless image of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist with the scream from Maze Game 2. Players return to the main menu with the option to continue or exit. Higher scores unlock a star on the game over screen.


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