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Maze Game DX

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This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

Maze Game DX is a flash game that takes its inspiration from The Maze. It was originally uploaded to, a now-defunct website. The new version of this game is v1.6. The game also knows if the player is cheating. Doing so will tell the player not to cheat and that they must try again.

The objective of the game is to navigate a red square through the maze to reach the goal on all three levels, which is the inspiration of the original game itself. However, before reaching the end of the third level, an animated image of Bloody Mary's face zooms in along with a loud, female scream. The casual version of this game has 4 levels. There is a chance that the player may randomly get an image of a demonic skeleton appears along with a low-pitched roar, or the same animated screamer of Bloody Mary.

Older Version

The older version of the game has the same gameplay but an unimproved design, as well as a different jumpscare, which showed a picture of Regan MacNeil along with a growling noise. It was originally uploaded to, a popular game platform. The game has accumulated approximately 4,500,000 views as well as a 71.61% like-to-dislike ratio.


Showcase Videos


NOTE: The following game contains screamers!

  • Y8 Version:



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