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Scary Maze Game has taken things one step further in creating the internet’s most exciting maze game yet. In Scary Maze Game 8 – similar to all of the previous versions – you are tasked with guiding your warrior character through each maze to the finish line. But, touching the walls in any level can be, well, deadly! Your little warrior will spontaneously combust if he touches the walls! We’re not sure what kind of deadly poison is on the walls in these levels, but whatever it is, you don’t want to touch it! If you can complete every level on the game, and pass the bonus round with your headphones blaring the impressive new music, then you’re in for a real treat!

Maze Game 8 also known as "Scary Maze Game 8", is a screamer game created by in 2013.

The game begins with the main menu, which includes instructions and a bonus level. The instructions simply instruct the player to use the mouse pointer to direct a soldier to collect dots and reach the goal. When the game is started, it begins as a simple maze game, though it gets difficult in the end. When the player finishes it, a rainbow background appears right before a picture of a man with an open tongue zooms in with the same scream from The Maze.

It is also impossible for the player to cheat, as all cheat functions do not work and takes the player to the Game Over screen.


Showcase Video


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!




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