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"Another fun addition to the Scary Maze Game series is the Scary Maze Halloween version. Packed with interesting, spooky characters often seen throughout this ghoulish holiday, the game also includes spooky Halloween music to really bring out the Halloween spirit! But, be careful while playing each level – you don’t want to touch the sides of the maze; otherwise, it’s game over for you! Think you can handle it? Let’s find out! Try it now!" ~PlayScaryMazeGame.net

Halloween Maze or known as Halloween Maze Game or Scary Maze Halloween is a screamer game created by playscarymazegame.net as a celebration to Halloween event as supposed, with halloween theme and its spooky music plays in the background silently, the recent version of this game is 2017.

The game has the player control the dot with the use of their cursor, with the instruction informing them to not hit the walls while reaching to the end of all 5 levels otherwise touching the walls can lead to Game over screen, it also advises them to crank up the volume for "best, and scariest results!" as seen in the description.

However, there are only 3 levels in total, However, trying to reach to the end of the final will bring up a picture of a girl along with the same scream from Maze Game 2, before prompting them to send this to their friends.


NOTE: the following game contains a screamer!

  • playscarymazegame.net/halloween-maze/



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