Maze Game 10

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Maze Game 10
Help the monkey get his bananas!
Type: Flash game
Release date: 2011

Maze Game 10 is a flash game based on the original Scary Maze Game itself, created by in 2011, this game was apart of the series of Maze games, the gameplay shares some points of The Maze.

Upon starting the game, it begins with the start menu, and the objective is to guide a monkey through the given path to get his yellow bananas without touching or hitting the walls, if the player dies, they will respawn at the beginning, and the player has to start over, the instruction is self-explanatory, it tells the player was told to use the cursor in order to move the monkey, and tells them if they beat all of the levels, they are awarded a bonus level, Upon clicking the play button, the gameplay is started, the difficulty across the levels involve the walls getting thinner, and thick, so the player must position themselves closer to the computer screen to carefully move the dot through the small gap, at level 4, there are ghost placed in the maze, and you have to avoid touching them, the ghost came from the arcade game Pacman, However, nearly at level 4, a picture of What's Wrong? appears with a extremely loud screech, zooming in and out, and the music plays afterwards.

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CENSORED: Maze Game 10

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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!


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