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Not to be confused with Scary Maze Game 6 by or the other version by

Scary Maze Game is back and better than ever! These new mazes offer more challenging levels such as the S maze and the M maze. They don’t sound challenging; you say? Well… you haven’t seen how narrow the walls are, or how large the ball that you have to drag through each maze is. Of course, the most challenging part of the game is keeping your hand steady enough to complete the bonus level – but I bet you’re too scared to reach that level anyway.

Maze Game 6 is an online flash game that was developed by in 2013. As the name suggests, it involves navigating through a maze by guiding the player's cursor without touching the walls.

The game begins with a start menu that offers the players the option to either read the rules or start playing the game. The rules section provides an informative introduction, explaining that the player must reach the end of the maze to unlock a special bonus level. This makes the game even more challenging and rewarding for players who are determined to complete all levels.

One of the unique features of Maze Game 6 is the unusually shaped walls in the game that make it more difficult to navigate through the maze, similar to the other maze games. This is a refreshing twist to the usual maze game format that players may be used to. The game comprises four levels, with each level becoming progressively harder than the previous one.

A significant aspect of Maze Game 6 is that colliding with any of the walls during gameplay leads to an immediate Game Over, adding an element of risk to the gameplay. Players must concentrate and focus to avoid contact with the walls to progress further.

Upon completing Level 4, players are rewarded with a startling image of Sarah from The Exorcist accompanied by a scream from The Maze, similar to what players experience in Maze Game 2.


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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer with flashing lights!

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