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Maze Game 3, also known as Scary Maze Game 3, is a browser-based screamer game that was developed by and released in 2012. It is an HTML5 game that requires no installation and can be played directly in any modern web browser.

The game's storyline revolves around a cute, cuddly mouse that is trapped in a maze and must reach the end to get his much-deserved slice of cheese. The game offers five levels of increasing difficulty, with each level requiring the player to navigate the mouse through a different maze layout. The main objective of the game is to guide the mouse through all five levels to reach the end and satisfy its hunger.


"The 3rd game features a cute, cuddly little mouse that is trapped in a maze and needs to reach the end to get his much-deserved slice of cheese. The game offers five different levels, each becoming increasingly difficult. Can you help our furry little friend get through the mazes and reach the cheese at the end?"


The game's main menu offers several options, including playing the game, viewing instructions, and accessing a secret bonus level. Although the bonus level option appears on the menu, it is greyed out and inaccessible. The instructions are self-explanatory and provide the player with all the necessary information to play the game. The game warns against cheating by holding the mouse down, but the right-click cheat can still be used.

The first two levels of the game require the player to navigate through zigzag paths to reach a gigantic piece of cheese. The third level features a spiral path that the mouse must follow to reach the end. In the fourth level, the player must navigate through another zigzag path, but this time, near the end of the level, the "bonus level" appears. The bonus level is a startling image of Regan MacNeil with no eyes, accompanied by the same scream from Maze Game 2. The game then prompts the player to prank their friends.


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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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