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Regan MacNeil is played by Linda Blair.

Regan MacNeil is a character from the 1971's horror novel The Exorcist, the 1973's horror film adaptation with the same name, and its sequel The Heretic. Regan is a 12-year-old girl who gets possessed by the demon, Pazuzu (also seen in some screamers), making her unable to control her own actions.

There are pictures of Regan MacNeil in her infamous possessed state or with no eyes that are commonly used in screamers, such as The Maze and as possessed, and as Maze Game 3 with no eyes.

Linda Blair[edit | edit source]

Regan MacNeil's role was played by Linda Blair, an American actress.

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Comments[edit | edit source]

Comments[edit | edit source]

Anonymous #1

24 months ago
Score 0++
Ok, is it wrong that she's (the possessed form) Pretty?


4 months ago
Score 1++
If you're way older than her, then yes.


17 days ago
Score 0++
wtf bro

Anonymous #2

13 months ago
Score 1++
...the girl we all feared at one point

Anonymous #3

13 months ago
Score 0++
I just had watched the Exorcist with my dad and that's when I recalled her face being used in many screamers.

Anonymous #4

13 months ago
Score -1++
she looks pretty, even in demon form

Anonymous #5

13 months ago
Score 0++
She is the most iconic character in the screamer community.


12 months ago
Score 6++
her face in close-up, is only popular on The Maze.
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