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Pazuzu is the main antagonist, demon & character from The Exorcist Franchise, The Pazuzu amulet.

Pazuzu is the main antagonist and character from the 1971's horror novel The Exorcist, the 1973's horror film adaptation with the same name, and its sequels The Heretic and The Exorcist III / Legion. (seen in some screamers) Pazuzu appears as a demon who possesses Regan MacNeil, Cheche, Damien Karras & Kokumo.

Pictures of Pazuzu are commonly used in screamers, like including Where's Waldo? and other games and websites.

Eileen Dietz

Pazuzu's face and the role were played by Eileen Dietz and the late Mercedes McCambridge in the 1973 film.




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