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Pazuzu is the main antagonist, demon & character from The Exorcist Franchise, The Pazuzu amulet.

Pazuzu is a main antagonist and character from the 1971's horror novel The Exorcist, but became extremely popular by the 1973's horror film adaptation. (seen in some screamers) Pazuzu appears as a demon who possesses Regan MacNeil, Cheche, Damien Karras & Kokumo.

Pictures of Pazuzu are commonly used in screamers, like including: Where's Waldo? and other games and websites.

Eileen Dietz[edit]

Pazuzu's face and the role was played by Eileen Dietz.



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2 months ago
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The screamer face from this game was also used in Mario.exe by lalapupsi. I recommend you create Mario.exe.
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