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Similar to the previous version, in Scary Maze Game 2 your concentration and hand-eye coordination are being tested. Guide the ball through each maze to the finish line to complete each level. Complete level 4 in order to move on to the bonus round. Make sure you’ve got your computer speakers turned all the way up for the secret surprise at the end of the bonus level!

Maze Game 2 is an HTML5 browser game based on The Maze itself, created by in 2014. The game is also playable on mobile devices.

The game gives the player two options: read the rules or play the game. The rules instruct the player to beat all five levels in order to receive a special "bonus level." However, the game only has three levels, the last of which surprises the player with a screamer. In terms of resemblances to the original game, the player must attempt to reach the goal without touching through the walls. To control the game, the player must hover their cursor over the dot after starting it.

In terms of gameplay and detail, the path's layout is fairly simple to complete, except for the final section, which has a spiral-shaped path to requires the player to move the dot carefully. However, just before the player reaches its goal, a picture of Sarah from The Exorcist zooms in with a loud female scream; in an earlier version, it had the same screamer audio taken from The Maze, but it was later removed and replaced with this one.


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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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