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The Maze, one of the examples on this list.

Maze Games are another types of screamers with simple gameplay, first created by Jeremy Winterrowd in 2004, Maze Games started to pop up in 2010, every game uses a simple theme as usual, whether its colored red, blue and others, the instructions in the game are very simple, it tells you to avoid hitting or touching the walls.

Additionally, there are some other custom instructions, sometimes telling the player to collect the objects placed in the maze such as dots, and others, the difficulty across in each level, are the walls getting thinner, which makes it even harder to move the dot, the jumpscare images will mostly appear at (level 3, 4, 5) when the player is nearly complete, will occur a screamer. showing Regan MacNeil and other scary images.





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censored showcase


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my custom scary maze games
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