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Britney Spears Maze is a flash screamer game made by extremefunnypictures and hosted by scaryforkids. It's very similar to The Ultimate Maze and The Maze.

he game starts with an introductory text informing the player to achieve the goal without touching the walls, that is, there is also a text stating that if the player completes the level, Britney gets "naked" as they succeed in reaching all levels, the game has the player control the dot with the use of arrow keys along a given direction, the game only consists of two levels with its final having extremely thin walls.

However, right before reaching the end of Level 2, a red filtered picture of Pumpkinhead quickly zooms in and out with a loud, echoing scream, The game is intended to prank people who are willing to see Britney's nudes.

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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!


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5 months ago
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i love this was hosted on, even though it is, in fact, scary site for kids.
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