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This page is about a screamer or shock site, whose original copy has been deleted.
This screamer's original copy is deleted, but the article links to an archive on the Wayback Machine or another saved copy.

The Scary Yahoo Prank was an infamous screamer page that disguised itself as a Yahoo! search engine webpage.

Upon clicking the search button, the page would display a set of search results that were always the same, ending with the chilling phrase "You're going to die." The page would then shake violently, and a horrifying scene from the 1981 horror comedy film An American Werewolf in London would suddenly appear, accompanied by the same spine-chilling scream from The Maze. After the screamer, the webpage would reload, leaving the viewer wondering what had just happened. However, the animation was eventually taken down on

Showcase Video


NOTE: The following website contains a screamer!

  • Showcase video:



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