Scary Family Picture

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Scary Family Picture
Maker: Unknown
Type: .GIF
Release date: 2004

Scary Family Picture is an unnamed screamer GIF (commonly known as simply Family Picture or Scary Family Picture)

The GIF itself pretends to be a still picture of a family. There are 4 people in the picture; 3 of them are young girls, and the other an adult woman. Nothing really happens until a few seconds pass; the picture zooms into the girl in the center (the youngest of them all), and her face turns into a hideous monster with sharp teeth and red eyes. Since it's a GIF image, regarding there is no scream.

A website: "Scaryforkids" noted that "the youngest daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor" and she has only 3 months to live, the mother decided to take a picture while her daughter is still alive, the source can be found here.[1]

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NOTE: The following GIF contains a screamer!


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Rorothescreamerfan FANBASE ACCOUNT

10 months ago
Score 0++
i witnessed this on KnowYourMeme and it scared the crap out of me
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