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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.
This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

Steady Hand (まぢいらいら某 maji iraira bō[1]) also known as Japanese Scary Maze is a screamer flash game possibly made in early 2004. Unlike most screamers, the origin of this game remains unknown, but the earliest mention of this screamer was from a bulletin board forum for the game Fortress Forever, which featured a link to the screamer hosted from the site in the fall of 2004.[2] Shortly after, a flash website Albino Blacksheep also featured the screamer in November 2004. This was one of the earliest maze games to date; being released earlier than The Maze itself.


The main menu features the Japanese title "まぢいらいら某" which translates as: "Steady Hand (Madji iraraibo)" and text below the title "STARTを押すとすぐに始まります作りが雑ですいません" which translates from Japanese to English into "game will start immediately after you press START".

The gameplay is to guide a dot through the maze surrounded by thin walls and to reach its end. The player advanced to the next level after reaching and clicking that "G O A L" button. Once before the player reaches the end of Level 2, a black and white portrait of a baby wearing a sheep costume (doing the harlequin fetus pose from Deathrealm's magazine cover) appears in a solid red background, accompanied by a loud roar. The audio for the screamer was also used in Zoeken.

There was an unofficial English version of Steady Hand in 2005 titled Tiny Dot Maze, which features a different menu screen, the "Game Over" screen being changed into "DAMN!" and nothing much else. The website for it claims to reward anyone who passes through Level 10 with $100. However, an image of Hai2u appears along with a puking sound instead. The screamer appears after the player dies, rather than just before the end as in the original. Once the screamer is over, a large text "GOTCHA" appears with the laughing sound of Scooby Doo. Decompiling the flash reveals unused text in the game's files.


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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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