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Albino Blacksheep ( is an animation website created by Steven Lerner in 1999. On the website, you will find some of the most popular flash screamers, like Where's Waldo, Kikia and What's Wrong.

Games/Animations Featured:[edit]

  1. ABC Song
  2. AV Test
  3. Chris the Jack-o-Lantern
  4. Chris the Jack-o-Lantern 2
  5. Chris the Jack-o-Lantern 3
  6. Color Vision Deficiency Test
  7. Focus
  8. Good Intentions
  9. Inkblot Test
  10. Kikia
  11. Lidanude.jpg
  12. Sabotage: Optical Illusions
  13. Simple Game
  14. Steady Hand
  16. Subliminal Music and Images
  17. The Black Button
  18. The Fact About Sajjad Ali
  19. The Hand Eye Coordination Test
  20. The Ultimate Orgy
  21. The Ultimate Showdown 2
  22. Urban Legends 3: Ghosts


All Albino Blacksheep screamers[edit]

Albino Blacksheep[edit]

NOTE: The following website contains lots of screamers!

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thats a weird looking ship

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nice corona logo

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He was the original reposter.
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