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This Is Really Scary! is a screamer video uploaded on YouTube by a user VenerableDread.

It begins by warning the viewer that the video is not suitable for the faint-hearted, because this video is a "super scary", then, a picture of a bedroom appears. A poorly drawn monster will pop up three times along with a male voice saying "b-b-boogie boogie boogie". After 23 seconds, a picture of a kid from the short film Rubber Johnny pops up with the same scream from Jingle Bells Reversed, and when the scream ends, a text saying "Scared you that time, eh? Pranked by VenerableDread once again!" appears, the video is intended to mock screamers,

Albino Blacksheep hosts a safe version of the screamer; instead of the screamer, a picture of a kitchen appears at the end.

AlbinoBlacksheep's version

This animation was inspired from Albino Blacksheep's joke screamer called: "notscary", which displays a picture of a kitchen with a poorly drawn goblin face appears for a few moments, However, it does not contain any screamer unlike VenerableDread's one.



NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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