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Screamer videos are a type of screamer that are designed to scare the viewer through unexpected images or sounds.

These videos usually begin with harmless content before abruptly switching to frightening imagery or loud noise, exploiting the viewer's natural curiosity or entertainment desire. They use clickbait tactics and can be disguised as games, tutorials or more. Screamer videos typically use visual and audio effects like sudden jumpscares, subliminal messages, and illusions to scare the viewer.


Screamer videos often use various techniques to startle and scare their viewers. Misdirection is a common technique that involves distracting the viewer with an innocuous or normal image or sound before suddenly introducing a frightening element. For example, a cute kitten may suddenly turn into a terrifying image with a loud scream. They also build tension and anticipation in the viewer by delaying the payoff or scare. For instance, a warning about a scary image or sound may be given, then the video shows normal footage for several seconds before suddenly introducing the scary element.

Types of screamer videos

Screamer videos typically involve tricking viewers into watching a seemingly harmless video or image, which suddenly switches to a loud, startling image or sound, usually accompanied by a scream or other shocking content. There are several different types of screamer videos (also used in various types of screamers), each with its own unique technique to startle and scare viewers.

Stare at the dot

The "stare at the dot" screamer video type uses the technique of "peripheral vision distraction" to startle viewers. Typically, the video begins with a warning that it is not a screamer, followed by instructions to focus on a small dot in the center of the screen without looking away. The dot may change in size, color, or position, creating a hypnotic effect, and distracting the viewer's peripheral vision with images or sounds. Suddenly, a terrifying image or loud scream appears, catching the viewer off guard.

One prominent example of this type of screamer is Follow the Red Dot. The video begins with German text introducing it, then presents a white maze with a red dot moving across it, inviting the viewer to "follow the red dot." As the dot reaches the center of the screen, a jarring noise and a disturbing image of Katie Embry from The Ring appear suddenly. This technique lulls the viewer into a false sense of security before the sudden scare.

Subliminal message

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The subliminal message screamer is a type of screamer that typically begins with a message informing the viewer that there is something wrong with the subject being presented and that it contains a subliminal image. Often, this message is accompanied by an innocuous-looking video or image that is intended to draw the viewer in. Then the subliminal message screamer may provide specific hints, such as instructing the viewer to turn up the volume or look closer at the screen. After a brief period of time, the subliminal message is delivered, usually through the surprise of a screamer image.

Find the difference & Find the X

Finde drei Unterschiede!, a notable example of "Find the difference" screamer.
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The "Find the Difference" screamer is a type of screamer that plays on the viewer's focus and attention to detail. Typically, the viewer is given a set of two seemingly identical images and is instructed to find the differences between them within a certain time limit. The viewer is typically presented with two side-by-side images that look almost identical, but with subtle differences that require close attention to detail to identify. During this time, the viewer's attention is fully focused on the task of finding the differences, which makes them more susceptible to being startled or scared by any sudden changes or unexpected events that may occur. Once the viewer has been concentrating on the task for a sufficient period, a sudden and often loud scream or jump scare is introduced, catching the viewer off-guard

Find the "X" is a type of screamer that is similar to the Find the Difference screamer. The viewer is presented with an image or video and tasked with finding a specific object or element. The subject can be hidden in plain sight or cleverly disguised to make it harder to find. Additional clues or hints may be given to the viewer, such as instructions to find an out-of-place object or to identify what is causing something to be wrong in the image or video. During the search, the screamer may zoom in on the image or provide other visual cues to increase the viewer's focus and attention, which eventually cuts into a screamer.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

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The What's Wrong With This Picture screamer is a type of screamer that invites the viewer to find something wrong with a picture, typically a normal stock image. This type of screamer plays on the viewer's attention to detail and their curiosity to identify what is out of place in the image. This task is designed to make the viewer focus closely on the image and search for a hidden detail or error. After a short period of time, the image would eventually cut into a screamer.

G-Major videos

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The G-Major videos are another type of screamer, first started on November 24, 2007, by a YouTube user Gallers, it was a YTP video of Hotel Mario, but in G-Major, although the creator who made the first logo screamer on G-Major remains Anonymous.

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