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Psychological Videos (also called chills videos) are a type of creepypasta or horror videos intended to invoke extreme fear, and sometimes even enough to invoke nightmares into the viewer as well.

These types of videos are supposed to resemble the feeling you feel when you have nightmares, or a sleep paralysis demon or sensation, and usually involve creatures such as a poltergeist, a demon, or some other paranormal creature wreaking heavy and constant havoc in an area, and in front of the camera. Such as making noises and moving objects all over the place. Ghost and Poltergeist videos are commonly mistaken for these types of videos although “ghost”, and “poltergeist” videos are usually subtle and don’t involve as much action, scariness, and vibes as much as “psychological” videos which are intended to scare the viewer instead. These types of videos are not necessarily meant to be “real” either unlike the latter, and are just for the sake of being scary and “convincing” rather than such.

Usually, the inside of a house is a common setting for these types of videos as they are usually set in areas where you would least expect a paranormal or scary thing to happen in. Usually a suburban home, a business or a city building, or some other modern structure, Sometimes they don’t involve paranormal activity and they could be just videos involving special effects, dark night or cloudy and gloomy vibes, monsters, actors with makeup or special effects, and other types of scary-looking things along with sounds or music that sounds scary along with it. Sometimes they don’t have sound at all to make the viewer even more afraid when watching it.


After Effects, and Sony Vegas are examples of software that can be used to make these kinds of videos due to their advanced editing options, but anything with these capabilities can be used as well. They also are supposed to be very well made or have a lot more action than normal ghost or poltergeist videos which are supposed to be taken seriously unlike these types of videos.


These types of videos were very common during the 2000s and usually involved fishing lines, camera tricks, editing, and so on. But they made a tremendous comeback in 2019. Sometimes they involve jumpscares or screamers, but most of the time ones with such are looked at as a nuisance to many as it ruins the vibe of the video’s potential “authenticity”, and are counted as a screamer instead due to the obvious giveaway. They also could include the title or part of it being in another language just to add to the scariness and mystery of it.

Notable People

  • Devin Millar (Also known as: I’m So Sorry Please Forgive Me.mp4, Finder Lurker, The Feeling of Danger, Strange World.)
  • Chills (reposter)
  • Gage
  • SZWorld
  • Jeremy Winterrowd
  • AndrosEnigmaX

Notable Videos

NOTE: The following videos might contain disturbing imagery!

  • Real Demons caught on tape:
  • Demon caught on tape 2006.:
  • Pervert Ghost:
  • Poltergeist.:
  • Little Boy Haunted by Demons.:
  • Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons!!!
  • I’m So Sorry Please Forgive Me.mp4.:
  • Mabel the Pantry Ghost Crying Part 1.:



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