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Steve Zuranski (known by his YouTube channel name SZWorld) is an American video creator. Who is known for creating the famous Ghost Caught on Tape video from 2006, one of the most reacted to, and most popular screamer videos of all time. He also has a website linked to his YouTube channel, filled with horror-related videos.[1]


He is a humble family man who has made scary videos for his YouTube channel SZWorld. He is most famous for his Horror-themed videos such as Ghost Caught on Tape, I Will Return, and more, which a lot of members of his family have appeared in. They have all been frequently watched and reacted to by many people around the world throughout the years, and are considered a cult classic among fans in the screamer community.

Personal life

He lives in Mokena, Illinois, an outskirt of Chicago, along with his wife Caroline Bryant, two daughters, and a son named Jack, who all have appeared frequently in a lot of his videos on his channel.

He bikes on the weekends and likes to spend time with his friends and family biking and going on hikes around the plains of his area.


  • Some references are made to his older videos such as the same white rocking chair from Ghost Caught on Tape being featured in a lot of his videos as an Easter egg.
  • His wife Caroline Bryant appears in Ghost Caught on Tape as the woman who crawls up to the camera with Regan McNeil's face. She also appears in I Will Return as a possessed woman walking toward the camera along with the trademark rocking chair rocking by itself.
  • His son has on and off appeared in a lot of other Horror-themed videos as well.


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