Ghost Caught on Tape

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This article is about the original video. You may be looking for the 2020 remake with the same name.

Ghost Caught on Tape, also known as Scary Rocking Chair is a screamer video uploaded by Steve Zuranski (YouTube user SZWORLD) on October 1, 2006. The video has gained over 77 million views as of June 2020. It was also hosted on

The original video starts in a dark room with a giant white rocking chair in the middle - though other uploaded versions may display red and white text on a black background before this. There is a rocking horse behind the chair and various items scattered across the floor, including a water bottle. There is a Chevy commercial playing very quietly in the background, with a mom talking about the Little Mermaid as well. The camera footage is grainy and appears to be using a night-vision filter.

During the video, the blanket on the far right appears to move slightly. Towards the end, the rocking chair starts moving on its own - right after, a woman with Regan MacNeil's face appears right in front of the rocking chair and crawls up to the camera with an echoing scream. The video ends with white text reading "".

There is an alternate version by the same creator where the same screamer was replaced with an eyeless woman with a wide mouth.


The house is the original house that Steve and his family had lived in before they moved out - Little Boy Haunted by Demons was also filmed here. The heavily sped-up footage of the woman crawling up to the camera is Caroline Bryant, Steve's wife, and the alternate version's jumpscare image is a moving picture of her face with black effects on it and slightly contrasted instead of Regan.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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