Nuclear Bomb Test in the Pacific Ocean

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It's shovel ready!

Nuclear Bomb Test in the Pacific Ocean, also known as Disappearing Boat, is a screamer video created by homelanddefens in 2009. This video is also featured on

The video begins with a nuclear bomb being detonated in a ocean, causing a giant explosion and a massive wave. A ship is present in the foreground, floating almost right next to the wave's point of origin. The wave eventually starts getting close to the ship, but at 23 seconds, just as it's on the verge of taking it out, the video cuts to the screamer from Ghost in the London Dungeon, complete with its ending where the man lies back down again.

Afterwards it displays a meme of ObamaCare, with the picture of a grave and the text "ObamaCare, it's shovel ready!", and a picture of Barack Obama and a Soviet army behind him, with text at the bottom: "United Socialist States of America". The video then ends.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!


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