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Cat Tries to Revive Girlfriend

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This page is about a screamer of which the original copy was deleted.
Cat Tries to Revive Girlfriend
Maker: Jeremy Winterrowd
(Original: Zita Markarian)
Type: Video
Release date: 2010

Cat Tries to Revive Girlfriend is a screamer video made by Jeremy Winterrowd.

The video shows a white cat trying to save the life of his girlfriend, but unfortunately fails, the life of a dying black cat that was run over by a car, after at 47 seconds mark, the horn from the car is heard, but right after, a GIF picture of Sarah from Exorcist: The Beginning punches the screen along with the same scream used from The Maze. The video is currently lost after closed down, This video is edited from another video that has a safe version without a screamer of the same name.

The description of the original video that this screamer is recorded in Turkey, nearly at the end, the vet arrived and took the injured cat, but it's too late, the cat died from horrendous injuries, he couldn't resuscitate his girlfriend, Even though some people tried to help him, the white cat wouldn't let them come near for two straight hours.


NOTE: The following video contains graphic content!



one month ago
Score 0++
that makes me wanna cry.

Anonymous user #1

8 days ago
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So sad, why do people wanna meme this D:
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