The Simpsons: Find Maggie

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This page is about a screamer or shock site, whose original copy has been deleted.
This screamer's original copy is deleted, but the article links to an archive on the Wayback Machine or another saved copy.

The Simpsons: Find Maggie was a Flash animation made by jackspicer14 and hosted on It follows the concept of Where's Waldo?.

The animation shows a crowd of The Simpsons characters, inviting the viewer to find Maggie in the crowd. The image persists for 40 seconds until cutting to another picture of Brandon from the 2006 horror film The Slaughter, accompanied by the same scream used in The Ultimate Maze.

On the Winterrowd version, The animation ends with a link that leads to the official Winterrowd site, and there's even a replay button that restarts the animation, while the original version only shows the screamer part.


NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer!

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