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Guess the bunny's favorite fruit (Japanese: うさちゃんの好きな果物当て, Usa-chan no Sukina Kudamono Ate) is a Flash game, made up entirely of hand-drawn graphics. It shows the player five fruits (an apple, grape, banana, cherry, and peach) and text in a speech bubble, through which the titular bunny says 私の好きな果物を当ててね ♪ (Watashi no sukina kudamono o atete ne, "guess my favorite fruit").

If the player clicks on the apple, grape, peach, or cherry, red text pops up which reads 不正解 (fuseikai, "incorrect answer"). This logically leaves the banana as the correct answer, but clicking it causes a flashing distorted image of a woman to appear along with an extremely loud monkey scream. It was also featured on Winterrowd at one point.


NOTE: The following links contains a screamer with flashing lights!

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