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This article is about flash game. You may be looking for Liquid Generation version here.
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Subliminal Music and Images is a Flash animation made by a Canadian user: LordEiwhaz (Olivier Fortier)[1], it was created in 2002 that disguises itself as an screamer animation showing the viewer examples of subliminal messages. it was featured on, is also known as "Creepy Subliminal Messages", he was 29-years old when he created this screamer.

After loading, an advertisement for Gilbey's London Dry Gin is shown. After a few seconds, part of the image is highlighted, and the word "SEX" is visible in ice cubes. A picture of a flooring company appears, with a woman appearing to be touching her shoulder. The image is then flipped, so it shows the woman is masturbating. Then a song, Cradle of Filth's "Dinner at Deviant Palace" begins to play backward. The Lord's Prayer is heard along with faint noises.

In the middle of the prayer, a loud scream is heard (which is actually from Daffy Duck, taken from the Looney Tunes cartoon short The Ducksters), along with a flurry of pictures; the first one is a demon face from the Italian movie Demoni, then Pazuzu, then the face of a corpse, a harlequin fetus, and a grayscale image of a mummy without its wrappings. The game ends with this message, and the song, "Into the Cold Voids of Eternity" by Naglfar, playing in the background: "Never trust strange flash documents talking about subliminal stuff!"


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NOTE: The following animation contain screamers!

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