The Fact About Sajjad Ali

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This page is about a screamer or shock site, whose original copy has been deleted.
This screamer's original copy is deleted, but the article links to an archive on the Wayback Machine or another saved copy.

The Fact about Sajjad Ali was a screamer animation created by Freeek and hosted on his website in 2002, but unfortunately, the page wasn't archived such as the .swf file, but it was later hosted to Albino Blacksheep in 2005, the user can be found on

This animation uses the song "Paniyon Mein" from Sajjad Ali, a Pakistani pop singer, as background music. The background image is a photo of Stonehenge taken from Windows XP wallpaper, with some random X-shapes flying around. The text appears letter by letter, reading: "Sajjad Ali: Pakistani Most Favourite semi-classical and Pop Singer. He composed this song similar to the original soundtrack of Michael Jackson World in Peace."

This is followed by the lyrics of Paniyon Mein (in Romanized Hindi). Shortly after the fourth line of the song appears on screen, a Banshee with glowing eyes suddenly zooms in from the center with the same scream from What's Wrong?, covering the Stonehenge picture. The video then starts over on an endless loop. The background song, however, does not loop and will stop playing after a couple of seconds.


  • The image of the Banshee was reused for SCP-450.


NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer!

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