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TeKZoned is a website first registered in October 2000, and is one of the earliest flash animations and game hosting websites.

The site contains multiple animations, gifs, and even games, which rarely contain any screamers. They are known for hosting Where's Waldo?, What's Wrong?, Say It and many more.

Origin and History

On November 29, 1999, the Tekzone.net website was registered and hosted by the same creator before the original TeKZoned was released. The website had several links to video games and a lot more. However, the website was moved to TeKZoned.

On October 9, 2000, the website was registered under the domain "Tekzoned.com". As mentioned above, the website is intended to host Flash animation, games, and a lot more. The website was first archived in March 2002, according to Wayback Machine. The first animation hosted on TekZoned was called "Insanity Test". After three months, the website now hosted various flash games and animations. Also, the website now offered different screamers. There are of course only 2 of them, namely What's Wrong? and Mystery Room.


In October 2002, the screamer Where's Waldo was provided on the site and became the most popular one of them all. This version contains a picture of Pazuzu along with a loud scream, while the original one contains a face from Maniacts. This animation was later hosted on Winterrowd.com.

On January 20, 2008, a 19-year-old Bangladeshi user free2ballin uploaded a video titled Scary Barney for TekZoned. Throughout the video, Barney is seen singing the ending song: "I Love you". However, it was edited to have an extremely low volume. After 20 seconds, a picture of a female zombie from The Evil Dead pops up with a scream. The video has accumulated over 650,000 views.


NOTE: The following website contains a lot of screamers!

  • tekzoned.com



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