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Good Intentions is a Flash screamer from 2004, originally appearing on Albino Blacksheep on March 31st, 2003, it was created by Spudnewt (Marilo Rektorik), it was added in the same date when the "Prank" portal was added to AB.

The flash animation pretends to be just a slide show of very pretty, peaceful photos, with R.E.M.'s song Shiny Happy People playing in the background. The slideshow starts out with some pictures of flower beds and tree blossoms, as well as a dolphin, during the intro, and then switches to various photos of people in a happy mood. After a while, though, a photo of a man's face will zoom in very slowly and then suddenly switch to a picture of the same man doing a grimace, while a pair of Fatal Frame images (one from Kikia and one slightly different from the former) pops up over it with a scream.

It's not over yet, because after this, it starts doing the complete opposite, showing scary and unpleasant red-toned pictures with Dir en grey - Zan plays. The pictures include a corpse with an axe in its head, a drawing of a giant bloody mutant, a photo of Anton LaVey (founder of the Church of Satan) in front of a pentagram, Gary "Stretch" Turner stretching his face with metal clamps, and a real-life goblin. It then appears to be over, but after a short time, the screamer part from earlier will pop up again with the same scream from before, before the animation ends for real.

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Censored: Good Intentions

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NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer as well as extremely graphic images!


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