Optical Illusions (Liquid Generation)

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This page is about a screamer or shock site, whose original copy has been deleted.
This screamer's original copy is deleted, but the article links to an archive on the Wayback Machine or another saved copy.

Optical Illusions was a screamer animation originally created on October 18th, 2002 by Liquid Generation as part of their "Sabotage" pranks.

The game is designed to challenge the player's perception with pictures and undefined questions, such as "Count the black dots" and "How many legs does this elephant have?" The game progresses with a button leading to the next picture with different questions. The images used in the game are similar to optical illusions, and the sixth illusion features a black and white spiral with a text instructing the player to look at it for 10 seconds before looking away. However, after four seconds, a stock photo of a white mouse with big, sharp teeth pops up with a loud scream, similar to M.C. Escher Examinations and Liquid Generation's What's Wrong With This Picture? The game ends with the Liquid Generation jingle playing, but the Ninja does not get crushed in the Albino Blacksheep version.

Showcase Video


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • liquidgeneration.com/sabotage/optical_sabotage.asf
  • Albino Blacksheep Version (Emulated SWF): albinoblacksheep.com/flash/optical
  • web.archive.org/web/20140516185005/98.org.ua/files/optical.swf



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