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a simple computer prank that was made on 2002
Maker: Unknown
Type: Screamer GIF
Release date: 2002

forest-wmv was a simple computer prank in 2002, the creator remains unknown, but there are a few copies of it can be found on YouTube.

The video starts out by showing an image of a very cartoonish drawing of a forest with complete silence, after 13 seconds, a drawing of a blue alien with a wide-open mouth, sharp teeth, and white eyes, pops-up along with the same scream from What's Wrong?, then plays the Cradle of Filth song afterward, there is a GIF version of this screamer with no audio, the screamer also has alternative names, such as martian-wmv, jungle-wmv, forest.mp4, jungle.mp4.

There is a much older version of this screamer was recently discovered by a user from Screamer Fanbase, which contains an older and different animation, which refers to be originated from the early 2000s or 1999, which is a video or a gif, the video shows the same thing as the first one but even older.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • Unedited version; by the way, the code is a lie:
  • GIF Version:


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