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This page is about a website which no longer exists.
The site that started a craze of scares, pranks and reactions... was a well-known website full of screamers made by a man named Jeremy Winterrowd. There are games and videos designed to trick people to get scared, like The Maze, Hit the Dot, Optical Illusions, Swearing Baby and more.

The website was registered in 2003[1]. During these early days, the website was used to host Winterrowd's resume[2] and did not contain any screamers. In 2005, however, Jeremy Winterrowd decided to host The Maze and start a blog on the website; the blog posted both Winterrowd's new screamer creations as well as more personal topics such as Winterrowd crashing his Jeep. This continued until 2010 when Winterrowd removed the personal blog and changed the webiste into exclusively a screamer website. In March 2020, the website went down.

Winterrowd also held a contest in that same year called the Winterrowd Prank Contest, where you had to record the reactions of someone and upload them to the website and he would upload them to a channel named prankcontest. The website was getting bigger and bigger everytime there was a screamer uploaded, depending on how famous it was and how many reaction videos there ever was. The website was also very controversial, considering that it had many scary games and videos, but overall, it had a very good reputation, and it can be considered the father of all screamers.

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NOTE: The following website contains lots of screamers!




Anonymous user #1

6 months ago
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Winterrowd is bad! Toy Theater is the best!


16 days ago
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R.I.P Winterrowd :((
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