Little Boy Haunted by Demons

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Little Boy Haunted by Demons is a ghost/demon video released by SZWorld on October 26th, 2011. The video starts with a title saying that a college found this tape and can't explain it. Then the video starts. It shows a very young little boy explaining that scary sounds are coming from his closet in his room, nobody believes him, and that he is going to set up his camera to see what is in there. It then cuts to him in a hallway with all of the lights out in the house, and then he looks at the camera about to go to bed and goes into his room to go to bed like such.

Then it shows 3 hours later passing by, and then it shows the hallway again. Pretty soon after a couple of seconds, he comes running out of the room, and then 4 hands poking out from the doorway, the video glitching up a bit, and then the head of a demon poking out from the corner. Then after the demon starts teleporting into random sections of the doorway, it cuts to the little boy crying in his parent's bedroom saying, "I'm so scared!" to the camera, there is a rocking chair in the background of the last scene of him saying, "I'm so scared!" which is an Easter Egg referring to the Ghost Caught on Tape video. The boy in the video is Steve's son, Jack, who also appeared in many other videos created by Steve himself.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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