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Creepypasta .exe games are a subgenre of horror-themed video games inspired by horror stories known as creepypasta.


In the context of video games, creepypasta .exe games typically feature a fictional, eerie, or cursed version of a well-known video game character, identifiable by the addition of ".exe" to their name. It's worth noting that the ".exe" file extension is commonly associated with Microsoft Windows applications and games. The narrative of these games often centers around a player stumbling upon a mysterious or haunted iteration of a popular game, characterized by distorted graphics, unsettling music, and disturbing elements. The protagonist within the game, or even the player themselves, may encounter bizarre and horrifying experiences. The story may suggest that playing the cursed game can have consequences that extend beyond fiction into the real world.

The ".exe" creepypasta subgenre has its origins in the infamous story known as "Sonic.exe" which revolves around a haunted version of the classic 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog video game. This narrative was initially posted on the Creepypasta Wiki in August 2011 by a user named JC-the-Hyena.


A notable example of an .exe game itself, where the player controls a character where they have a no choice but to go left or right until an event has occurred.

Typically, these games involve players navigating through unsettling scenes while being pursued and ultimately confronted by a corrupted version of a well-known gaming character, who in these games are typically characterized by black eyes and red pupils, often depicted with bleeding eyes. These traits may symbolize the victims targeted by the designated antagonists in the game. The narrative often includes graphic depictions of blood, and screamers are frequently employed to startle the player. These games mainly have a formulaic structure, echoing the conventions established by the original Sonic.exe. Common elements include the use of sprites from existing games, often sourced from console-based games (such as NES). Distorted music, paired with static, is utilized to enhance the eerie atmosphere. Additionally, the background music in these games is consistently played in reverse, slowed down, or both. For example, in Sally.exe's music for KINDANDFAIR, a slowed-down version of Green Hill Zone is used.[1]

In terms of gameplay, players typically control characters that are primarily expected to walk to the right until an event triggers. These games often limit the characters' abilities, making them unable to perform actions beyond walking left and right. The genre is characterized by entirely linear gameplay, with no opportunities for exploring many other parts in their world. In modern .exe games, developers have introduced techniques that hijack control over the player's computer, such as moving the mouse around the screen or opening the disk drive. The earliest example of this being the first Luna Game and Hotel Mario 6.

List of .exe games

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Main Article: Essence.exe
A screenshot of the gameplay seen in Essence.exe

Essence.exe is a .exe horror game by drunkbearzz, available on Itch.io, inspired by .exe creepypastas. Based on Super Mario, the game uses sprites from "Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. & The Lost Levels." Players control Mario using arrow keys for movement, shift for sprinting, and navigate a surreal world with flashing clouds, random blocks offering red or green mushrooms, and a distorted Super Mario Bros. theme. Progression is hindered by Unicode-like error screens, and encounters with Princess Peach lead to her demise. Additional levels include a disturbing face image (presumably resembling Princess Peach) that triggers a freeze, closing the game.


Main Article: Google.exe

Google.exe is a series of horrorvideo games developed by RecordGuy626 using Game Maker 2.1.0, first published on November 8th, 2016. The narrative involves a virus infecting Google, leading to deaths and firings within the company. The story revolves around a teenager named Tim Hairten, driven by depression, who performs tasks instructed by a mysterious voice in his head, ultimately leading to his death. In the afterlife, Tim becomes an immortal spirit, conspiring with other spirits to haunt Google and its products. The game, presented as a Google homepage simulator, features eerie surprises, hidden videos, screamers, and others that hint at the game's lore.


Main Article: Yoshi.exe

Yoshi.exe is a creepypasta .exe game developed by a user named Skashi. The game follows Yoshi as he responds to the cries of a lost baby on the island, leading to a series of disturbing events. Starting with peaceful gameplay, the tone shifts when the baby's cries intensify, transforming the surroundings into a creepy and darker world. The player encounters eerie scenes, including a dead fish, a dog turning into skulls with blood, and unsettling appearances of Yoshis with red eyes.


Main Article: I HATE YOU.exe

I HATE YOU.exe is a horror game developed by Theohmguy and initially published on Gamejolt on January 15, 2015, later removed by Nintendo due to copyright concerns. The player begins on the Sunken Ghost Ship port from the video game Super Mario World, based on the "I HATE YOU" creepypasta and ROM hack by Slimebeast.[2] The main playable level, "Sunken Ghost Ship," features altered elements, such as a blocked green pipe and missing lucky blocks. Progressing unlocks a new level, "OH GOD NO," where a series of eerie events, including Mario encountering creepy faces and an unsettling confrontation with Luigi, leads to a screamer in the end.


Main Article: Sonic2.exe
The main menu of one of Sonic2.exe games, Sunshine.exe.

The Sonic2.exe series, developed by NovaWare and uploaded on Gamejolt, revolves around Sonic's mission to save Tails. In the first installment, Sonic, unable to collect all the Chaos Emeralds, faces a deal with Robotnik that could save Tails or lead to his demise. The gameplay, starting as Tails, takes players through eerie levels, featuring disturbing images and a screamer, hinting at Tails' inescapable fate. Sunshine.exe, the second chapter, unfolds with Tails navigating through a grey brick world, encountering disturbing clones and Tails Doll, hinting at experiments with "sunshine." The third installment, Insanity.exe, delves into Sonic's deal with Robotnik, leading to a pursuit by a cursed Tails.


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