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Luna Game is a series of downloadable games created and posted by Ceremi to "Equestria Daily" on April 3rd, 2011. From the name of the game to the sprites used, the game is based on the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (also known as G4 MLP:FiM). While the game looks simple and easy to understand, Luna Game spawned a series of games and even fanmade games with the last official installment being Luna Game End on February 19th, 2012. Yet, a common aspect of all the games is that the titular main protagonist, Princess Luna, goes through a series of obstacles and platforms that ends in a screamer. Said screamers are images depicting characters such as Apple Bloom with a screaming audio clip relayed as a result.

Luna Game 1

Released on April 3rd, 2011, the game starts with a custom-made Princess Luna model that slightly drops on a platform. The terrain remains the same as it is brown with green triangles looking downwards to signify grass accompanied by a navy blue background with white dots that are supposed to be stars. Meanwhile, an instrumental is played which is referred to as "Upbeat Pony Beats" in the application, though it is actually "Evil Enchantress" by Eurobeat Brony. With no introduction or instructions, the player is tasked with only progressing to the right using the arrow keys to either move left, right, or jump.

However, little does the player know that unlike in most scary games where it is a linear "Point A to Point B" type of goal that ends in a jumpscare, the screamers in Luna Game are triggered by a time limit (not shown in-game) that starts ticking the moment the application runs. To make it even more confusing, the time limit itself is randomly assigned, though it is usually between 10-20 seconds or, on rare occasions, 30 seconds. For example, one player may end up getting 10 seconds while another may end up with 16 seconds, making the screamers almost unpredictable though most players see them around the point in which they are close to a T-shaped platform on the ground. With that said, it is also possible for the screamer to appear even if the player did not move Luna at all.

Once the timer hits zero, one of two edited images will be shown with two different soundtracks each (soundtracks are randomly assigned) to startle the player:

  • An image of Pinkie Pie smiling with black eyes and white pupils. Two different slow remixes of the "Laughter Song" from the episode Friendship is Magic Part 2, will start playing.
  • An image of Apple Bloom grimacing against a light that only shows her eyes, teeth, and part of her yellow skin including her mane. The two soundtracks are remixes of the songs "Evil Enchantress" from the episode Bridle Gossip and "Hush Now Lullaby" from the episode Stare Master.


The images shown will not close until the player does it manually either through Task Manager or simply by powering off their device. Yet, that is not all as the user's desktop is now filled with pictures that were either the jumpscares themselves, screenshots of where the player was by the time the jumpscare happened, and text files will appear by reading "The end is neigh." It should be noted that the images and screenshots may also be labeled with "The end is neigh." It is not recommended to save the game to your desktop, as doing so will make deleting the files generated to be a slow, annoying process.

Luna Game 2

Released on May 30th, 2011, this version has slightly improved graphics, with Luna herself being noticeably smaller compared to her previous model. As usual, the player must move to the right, except this time they are told by black text that they can run by holding the shift key. In terms of the layout of the game, it is less platform-based, unlike the first game. The soundtrack is "Giggle at the Ghostie" by Eurobeat Brony. 

The further Luna moves to the right, the more cracked the ground beneath her appears up until a point in which an edited picture of Pinkie appears briefly with static noises. The world suddenly changes into a dark, red version of itself with what appears to be the sounds of a deep cave being played in the background. Additionally, the player's movement is now significantly reduced and they are no longer able to sprint. After a couple of seconds of walking, the player will encounter a dead end as there is a wall preventing any progress to the right. Yet, there is one visible peculiarity at the end, a big chasm in the ground. With no other option left but to descend into the abyss, Luna slowly falls as the background fades to black, including herself, revealing a game over screen with fanart of Luna falling while some disturbing music plays (actually music from the episode Friendship is Magic Part 2) with bloody text saying "YOU DIED."

After a couple of seconds on the game over screen, the game will close by itself and, unlike the 1st game, will not add any files, screenshots, etc. to the PC.

Luna Game 3

Released on June 11th, 2011, it follows the same format with some slight differences. Aside from the forest setting and a catchy song that plays ("At the Gala (Finale Mix)" by Eurobeat Brony at a slightly increased speed), the terrain is much flatter with small hills to jump on and no floating platforms. After running to the right for a certain amount of time, the background music starts to slow down followed by static sounds, cutting off the music briefly before it changes to a slower, more sinister piece (actual music from the episode Sonic Rainboom), and every so often, audio clips of characters from the show speaking are faintly heard. Simultaneously, the world starts to darken as the player approaches a huge pit on the ground like the one in the second game. 

However, there is no wall blocking the right side, allowing the player to jump over the hole and continue walking right. Unfortunately, the level loops and leads to the same pit again, forcing the player to fall into the gap. It should be mentioned that jumping across the first gap will cause a loud audio clip of the character Fluttershy screaming "COME OUT!!", taken from the episode The Best Night Ever, to play, though nothing happens every other time. Of interesting note, the player will notice that Luna disappears for a quick second after crossing a threshold at which the looping begins. This is a bug and only signifies that the player has been looped back to the same hole.

Whereas the second game was a slow descent with no ending jumpscare, this one ends abruptly with the same image of zalgofied Pinkie Pie used from the first game, with another loud audio clip of Fluttershy screaming "LOVE ME!!", also from The Best Night Ever. If the player were to fall down the hole for a second time after opening up the game again, the screen will flash with several images of zalgofied ponies, some of which are reused from the last two, with the same soundbite. When the screen changes back to normal, it cuts back to Luna's dismembered corpse when she opens her eyes, and this is followed by a dark close-up image of her mangled face with a loud shriek, closing the game after this.

Luna Game 4

A screenshot of Luna Game 4, where Luna has to walk through the glitchy blocks that form a path where she has to go.

Released on July 9th, 2011, it starts with Luna on a flat platform above the ground with a light blue sky in the background. As the player moves to the right with cheerful music playing (a slow version of "Scootaloo's Theme" by DH), the walking ends at a cliff where they must fall, resulting in a squish sound effect and an abrupt cut to black to signal Luna's presumed death. The black screen will then have some text above a blue dot that reads "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you...", in a reference to the creepypasta BEN Drowned, followed by the game faking closing for a few moments before it returns with the text "It didn't have to turn out like this...", "You didn't have to die...", and then the final text has blood on the screen which reads "BUT NOW YOU'RE IN MY WORLD." accompanied by a loud roar. After the threatening message, Luna is seen being thrown down from the sky and into a bloody world.

At that point, the game is now more reminiscent of the 1st game with the layout being platform-based. However, there is a catch, the player must run through the obstacles quickly before the darkness from the left side engulfs them. Yet, this is impossible to do as the player will reach a point in which they must perform a jump that is intentionally difficult to do, leading them to fall to their doom and allowing the darkness to catch up with Luna. It should be noted that if you get caught in the darkness before jumping into the pit, the screen flashes creepy fan art of Pinkie Pie with a scream before heading to the ending described below.

After this, the screen goes back to the blue square part with a zalgofied version of the "You have met a terrible fate, haven't you..." text. But this is not the end, as for a short second, a messed up 8-bit song (a slow version of Zorggn's "You Gotta Share") starts to play while some glitchy blocks start to appear on the screen, forming a path that Luna must follow upward since to the right is a dead end. The higher you go, the darker the area gets. You must navigate back to the left, where Pinkie Pie briefly appears before vanishing, and then jump back down. To the surprise of the player, the darkness comes back almost immediately with the music speeding up accordingly, forcing them to only move right and never stop running. Eventually, Luna will come across the dead-end and as soon as she goes closer to it, Pinkie Pie appears with a maniacal smile and disappears alongside Luna. After the encounter, a sound of a heartbeat can be heard while a screenshot of Pinkie Pie from the episode Party of One appears slowly. As the heartbeat gets louder, the image flashes a zalgofied version briefly with static before returning to normal and fading out; in addition, a message pops up saying "Luna Game 4.exe has stopped working" as Pinkie can be heard laughing, to which the player must close the program, ending the 4th Luna Game from there.

On an important note, trying to reopen the game again regardless of the ending the player got will lead to a black screen with a caption that says "Your fate is already sealed...", meaning that the only way to play it again is to either install a Replay Program made for the game or to delete the game file and reinstall it.

Luna Game 0

Released on August 15th, 2011, it begins with Luna spawning in Princess Celestia's castle. Some dialogue exchanges related to friendship are given to the player along with a new mechanic not present in the other Luna Games; they can interact with the other ponies by pressing the spacebar key when Luna is in front of them. After exiting the castle to the right, the player moves into a grassy area with a melodic tune playing ("Valley of the Wind" by Elation). Aside from the slight texture changes such as better-fed grass and even clouds in the background, the player will also notice that this instalment has quests, all of which have to do with the Mane Six having problems.

The gameplay of Luna Game 0

As such, the player can play one of six different levels, each with a different item to collect such as books for Twilight Sparkle, candy for Pinkie Pie, snowflakes for Rainbow Dash, apples for Applejack, emeralds for Rarity, or carrots for Fluttershy. For each quest accomplished, the respective pony whose items have been fully collected will thank the player and ask them to collect more, totalling up to 49 items that the player must collect on a platforming stage, set to "Winter -B- Gone: A Remix" by "That" Technique. However, there is a 50th item that must be collected which is a black-and-white version of the item. When the player touches it, the music halts to a loud boom. After this, all that can be done is to press on, jumping over a platform towards the solid ground which suddenly disappears. As Luna falls to her doom, some dramatic music (actually from the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent) starts playing as the screen fades to black.

The screen flashes white and an image of Luna in her "Nightmare Moon" form appears followed by her eyes glowing and flashing. The screen returns to where the player last stopped before the falling, but everything now has a reddish tint. When the player continues back to the previous area, some foreboding ambience plays (again taken from Amnesia) as the ponies talk to Luna about how Pinkie Pie is looking for her. By the time the player reaches Pinkie Pie, she welcomes Luna and tells her how "you can never have too many parties!" As she continues to talk about parties, Luna is told by an ominous whisper that she must kill her which gets aggravated, and tells her to "KILL HER NOW!" Following the voice, Luna slashes Pinkie from her back to her chest where, in a state of shock, she goes "B... But... Why...?" After a short second, the top half of her body begins sliding off and the game closes. To the player's dismay, the game suddenly reopens and displays an unnerving image of Pinkie Pie saying "This Isn't Over" with the same loud "LOVE ME!!" soundbite from the third game, which stops the game shortly after.

Like in the 4th game, trying to reopen the game again is pointless since it now displays more text saying "The past cannot be changed...", though it can be played again using the method stated above to play Luna Game 4 again.

Luna Game 0 demo

Days before its release, a demo of the game was posted. It immediately begins in the area with the main characters, who greet Luna in friendly manners when interacting with her. When you talk to Pinkie, she wants to throw yet another party and requests you to let the other five know of her plans. Once you are done informing the others, you return to Pinkie who proceeds to go get things ready. Later that evening, the party has concluded and Luna is seen thanking everyone for such a wonderful time. However, the background and the main cast fade to the red background of the bloody world from the fourth game, revealing Luna is imagining everything prior and is all alone. We cut to black and the game's title appears in blood red.

Of special note, if you're playing the demo anytime between 11 A.M. and 5 P.M., the Bloody Nav Room music from the game The White Chamber will start playing over the title reveal.

Luna Game End (A.K.A Luna Game 5)

The official Luna Game 5, officially known as "Luna Game End", was later released on August 22nd, 2012. What is interesting is that this game was considered more of a "project" than all the others by Ceremi due to not only length but the fact that this was saved up to be the conclusion to the series for a whole year. At the time, users questioned why "Unknown project; unknown completion time" appeared on the official Luna Game website (see Trivia below). By the time that the game came out on the date stated prior, the text was replaced with a link to a video that featured a black and red test signal, which becomes garbled by static before fading to a title simply saying "5" then fading out (5 meaning that this is the 5th and final instalment in the series of course).

The player starts on a flat strip of grass at night with happy music playing in the background, which is "Diamond Dogs (Euro Dirt Mix)" by Eurobeat Brony. After a short amount of walking, the player encounters a familiar cliff. Though this time when the player falls, they will safely land on the ground. After some walking, Luna's movement starts to slow down, and eventually the text bubble “I’m really tired” appears over her head. She collapses a moment later, along with another text bubble saying “I’ll just rest for a moment…” to which the screen slowly fades to black.

After the music stops, Luna is now in a white void with only a single black line as the ground below the player. When walking to the right, she encounters the 8-bit limbo sprites from Luna Game 4 where, if touched, it leads to the ground below them to vanish coupled with some strange noises that sound like muffled electrical sparks. Luna appears to land on an invisible floor and, if she continues going to the right, light blue blocks representing the sky and brown and green blocks representing the ground randomly appear which gradually generates a full grassland setting. After another few moments, a strange screech can be heard that causes the floor to disappear again, except this time the player falls and the blue sky turns into an empty, dark red sky.

Luna Game 5

When the player hits the ground again, they are greeted by ground blocks with familiar line designs from Luna Game 4. Continuing to walk right will reveal a smaller cliff where jumping on it again will trigger the ground blocks to randomly start turning into the same 8-bit limbo blocks along with the second soundtrack in the 8-bit limbo world starting to play and what appears to be a dark shadow eating up the screen to the left like the one in Luna Game 4. If the player does not escape from the darkness, it will lead back to the next map. Yet, should the player manage to outrun it, several obstacles will appear to make it more difficult to run, thus leading to the same outcome if the player attempts to go to the end.

Once caught, the player is shown Luna lying back down on the ground from the first scene where she took a nap, implying that it was a nightmare of sorts. After a moment, she stands up and starts to see some shadow ponies, all of which are the six main characters of the show as well as an unnamed child pony. For some of the ponies, dialogue can appear which is typically vague such as "From Ashes to Shadows..." while others simply pace back and forth. After some static flashes, the text above the ponies' heads will change along with their original sprites except for the filly. Fortunately, the player is now able to sprint, but it leads them to a dead-end, to which they must walk back and approach a shadowy Nightmare Moon. A cutscene occurs with Luna moving closer to Nightmare Moon, another creepy song ("Nightmare" by Erik Lasar from the APM Music library) starts to play accompanied by a heartbeat, and twice, the fanart of the game flashes with static, and the "LOVE ME!!" soundbite. From there, Luna makes contact with Nightmare Moon, and the screen changes to black.

However, that is not all, for the aforementioned ending is 1 of 3 endings that the player can get. In this case, it's a bad ending as it insinuates that Luna either died or never woke up.

If you've failed to outrun the darkness in the nightmare sequence, the player gets a second bad ending; the game continues and features Luna transported to a dark realm with only a ground path to walk on; the only thing to do now is to start walking. However, the ground slowly starts to disappear beneath you bit by bit, and you continue going until you eventually fall to your doom. For a split second, Luna is briefly replaced by Nightmare Moon as she falls. After, you hear a splat as the game cuts to black. This ending finishes by showing Luna's corpse on the ground, recycled from the third game.

If you've replayed Luna Games 4 and 0 and managed to outrun the darkness in the former, a somewhat good ending replaces the second bad ending. In the ending, the screen cuts to black like before, except this time text appears reading "Princess Luna?" Luna is then shown surrounded by the Mane Six at night, as a happy melody (Simon Hjort's version of "Fluttershy's Goodbye") plays in the background. Twilight claims that Luna passed out after helping Pinkie Pie out with getting her candies, and Luna says that she had some nightmares. Pinkie proposes for them to throw a party to make her feel better, and Luna agrees with such an idea but notes that something still feels off. Twilight questions Luna's words, and she quickly replies that it is "nothing..." in an ominous way. Right before the game closes, during a few frames, Pinkie Pie's sprite changes into Pinkamena from the fourth game as a loud boom noise plays in the background, suggesting that Luna's ending may not be so "happily ever after" after all.

Reactions and Popularity

Despite the Luna Games having a simple design and appearing like an average indie horror game, the series has garnered a large following from individuals within and even outside the MLP fandom. Yet, with such high attention, the perception towards these games is generally mixed with some who liked them and others that felt otherwise about the games.

On one hand, people praised the series for being a nice addition to the horror genre within their fanbase. To show their enjoyment of the series, some have made fan art and even fangames (see the below examples) which vary from sincerity to satirical. There were even fanfictions made based on the series with some examples being "Stay Awake Little Fillies" and "Lost History of Equestria." These people, usually look past the rudimentary design and compliment certain aspects such as the fact that the Luna model was custom-made or how the games created an illusion of sentience within the PC such as how the 1st game added files after each subsequent replay of it. The Equestria Daily website also had a thread in which some bronies discussed if they recalled the series and their overall thoughts on it.

Yet, on the other hand, some felt that Luna Game is just like any other free horror game that could be found on sites like A cheap horror experience that ends with unsurprising jumpscares and nothing more than that. In other words, the presentation and execution were criticized especially considering the rudimentary designs of the games, and story, and being poked fun at for trying to take itself seriously. Aside from the gameplay itself, there was also a concern that spawned having to do with the possibility that the 1st game could harm computers. For instance, Sethisto, founder of Equestria Daily and a moderator of Fur Affinity, was worried about Luna Game because he was notified that it duplicated text files and screamer images, leading him to believe that it was some form of a virus. As such, he banned any games posted to Equestria Daily that included Luna Game. However, he would later apologize and write a statement that rescinded the ban after finding out that what he was concerned about was not true (see Trivia and Virus Information below).

Fanmade Luna Games

Luna Game 5 (Fanmade version)

Released in February 2012; like all the other games in the series, the player will start as Princess Luna who is immediately told to hold shift to run. The song "Call Upon the Seaponies (EuroSHOOBEDOO Mix)" by Eurobeat Brony will play until the player encounters Angel the Bunny. If the player gets close to him, he will run off while the exclamation sound effect from Metal Gear Solid plays. The player is teleported to another area where it is nighttime, with the song "Luna's Anthem" by Michael A. playing. The player has to collect nine bunnies, but while doing so, the player will come across a pit. Luckily, it is covered so the player can not fall into it. But when the 8th bunny is collected, the pit opens and the player has to jump into it.

When Luna jumps into the pit, the final bunny is found, but it is red instead of white. When Luna collects it, the music stops and a passage will open with Pinkie Pie's silhouette seen in the doorway. When Luna enters, Shadow ponies will roam around and the sky turns red. A witch's cry (taken from Left 4 Dead) can be heard and static flickers multiple times as creepy music play in the background. Upon the static appearing, the shadow ponies will be revealed. They are revealed as an unknown filly (who drops a quote from Poltergeist III: "Mommy, where are you? I can't see!"), Twilight Sparkle (who vanishes after the first flicker due to falling off the edge), Noteworthy, Derpy Hooves (who says "Help us...please..."), and Lyra Heartstrings. After passing Derpy, sound effects from Luna Game 0 when Luna kills Pinkie will be heard.

The audio will begin to shift to sounds of rabid eating (the track from The White Chamber used in 0's demo) and the camera begins to scroll after Luna has proceeded for a little bit. The player will have to make Luna run so she can keep up with the camera. If you fail to keep up, a Pinkie Pie screamer will appear with the same scream as Luna Game 3 when Luna awakens, prompting the game to close.

When the player reopens the game and goes right, they will teleport to a room with a massive Pinkie Pie which will slowly become more decrepit. Platforms will appear and the player will have to jump into her mouth and the sound of Pinkie Pie eating and swallowing Luna will be heard. In a weird turn of events, Luna will for some reason appear in the Devil's Machine from EarthBound (right down to using the same music) and Pinkie Pie clones will appear and disappear. Suddenly, Nightmare Moon's head will appear, and words saying "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO" will appear with her. When the player goes down until the screen goes black, Luna will be seen lying on the ground dead and bloodied. A black screen will appear with text saying "YOU'RE NEXT" superseded by a zalgofied Pinkie Pie popping up for a split second. As the game closes, if the player has a CD tray, it will open up by itself.

Friday the 13th Easter Egg and Other Secrets (Luna Game 5)

If the player changes their system date to Friday the 13th (in a reference to the horror franchise of the same name), the player gets a special cutscene in which Pinkie will face Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Moon reveals why she killed Pinkie Pie, claiming that "a party doesn't make up for 1000 years of suffering", scaring Pinkie and causing her to talk some sense into the princess. Shockingly, Nightmare Moon breaks the fourth wall by saying "SHH! Someone is listening" and then a screamer of Scootaloo appears screaming "Leave This Place!"

Pressing the keys "I, K, and T" will trigger one of two Easter eggs depending on the area of the game you're in. If they are pressed in either of the first two rooms before the game gets creepy, a zalgofied Pinkie screamer will appear and the game will close. If they are pressed in the area with the shadow ponies, the static will flicker again, which can be used to reveal two things: a sprite of Pinkie Pie staring at the player shortly after passing Lyra, or the Ursa Minor from the episode Boast Busters looming behind Luna just before the running section. Starting in the section with the giant Pinkie head, these keys won't do anything.

Unlike the main Luna Games, there are a couple of ways to close the game by yourself: firstly, if you haven't made it to the creepy part yet, pressing either ALT+F4 or the Escape button will close the game naturally. If ALT+F4 is pressed in the creepy part, the game appears to shut down, only to suddenly open again as the soundbite of Pinkie laughing from the fourth game is heard, and if Escape is pressed here, a different laughing sound will play.

Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL will close the game at any time with barely an objection except for the loud "COME OUT!!" soundbite from the third game blaring. However, you'll be unable to move your cursor seemingly as a punishment, which means you must end the process in Task Manager via the arrow keys and Enter.

The Lunar Game

Released in November 2011; the player controls Luna using the arrow keys to move and space to jump. Once the player goes down a pit on the ground, the player assumes they are stuck. However, they can get out though the only way to do so is to try moving and jumping around until the wall disappears. Afterwards, a message pops up reading "And Luna lived happily ever after, and nothing scary happened, ever", closing the parody game.

Lona's Gohem 48

Released in August 2011; when the game finishes loading, the player appears on a poorly drawn grass field as Winter Wrap Up (Euro Spring Mix) by Eurobeat Brony plays. If the player gets far enough, a poorly drawn version of Pinkie with a knife shows up with a scream ripped from the game Sonic Adventure. After a few seconds, it closes, leaving the player to realize that this is more of a parody game.

Luna Game X

Released in 2013, It's a fully-fledged story-based game detailing Luna attempting to put a stop to her nightmares once and for all.

Luna Game 3D

Released in 2016, an adventure game that brings the series' roots to a 3D world.

Luna Game Reformed series

A new series of fan-made games running since late 2020 that act very much like the classics.

On YouTube

The Luna Games has quite a prominence on YouTube. YouTubers big and small have played through the series and sometimes provide their thoughts on the game. Some examples include YouTuber LaurenzSide (one who has over a million subscribers) and WhiteHawke who have made full Let's Plays on all the games including some of the fan games. The series was especially given attention by YouTubers who are solely dedicated to playing horror games such as LuigiKid and RiskRim. Even one of the biggest YouTubers, PewDiePie, played through the series in his typical style of comedy when it comes to scary games.

Yet, the Luna Games are not just known by Let's Players as it has also branched out into the attention of channels that do "Top 10" lists. For example, YouTuber Top 10 Gaming made a video that mainly focused on Luna Game titled "Scariest Gaming Creepypastas - Luna Game." In another instance, a YouTuber called Tats TopVideos is now more focused on content related to the SCP Foundation FANDOM included Luna Game as the 18th scariest gaming creepypasta on his "Top 22 Gaming Creepypastas" list (starts at 4:42).


The perfectly cut screenshot of the first game before the screamer.


  • As mentioned earlier, the creator of the series was revealed to be Ceremi, which was first discussed on a 4chan thread, which can be found here.
  • Although the series was initially posted on the aforementioned Equestria Daily website, it had its website called "" which was launched on July 18, 2012. Although it is now defunct as of 2015, it contained information on current updates related to the creator and the series.
  • The inspiration for starting up the series was from a series of deleted YouTube videos from a user called KizuxTheo (also no longer on YouTube) who uploaded videos with the screamer images used in the first game to creepy noises.
  • With the series gaining much attention from the MLP fanbase, a rumor was spread about the application being malware that could supposedly ruin a user's RAM on their PC. However, this was disconfirmed as the game is safe based on viral scans.
  • The Apple Bloom image in the first game is by the artist Kloudmutt.
  • The Luna sprite used from the second game and beyond was by the artist named emeralddarkness.
  • The original image that was used for the game over screen in Luna Game 2 was created by a user called PterosaurPony, and it can be found on DeviantArt.
  • Pinkamena Pie, as used in the 4th Luna Game, has been a popular "alter-ego" character as seen in multiple horror works of the MLP fandom. Aside from the Zalgo images in the Luna Games, she had her creepypasta simply titled "Cupcakes" which has been the most infamous work since then (although, ironically, the original author came out claiming that it was nothing but a fanfiction written as a joke).


  • - Creepypasta Wiki, Special Thanks to them for the information.
  • - Luna Games article on the MLP Fandom Wiki

NOTE: The following games contain screamers, and may also harm your computer!


Showcase videos

NOTE: The following videos contain disturbing imagery!

  • First game:
  • Second game:
  • Third game:
  • Fourth game:
  • Luna Game 0:
    • Demo version:
  • Fifth game:
    • Good ending:

Fanmade Games

  • Luna Game 5:
    • Extra cutscene:
  • Lunar Game:
  • Lonas Gohem 48:
  • Luna Game X:
  • Luna Game 3D:

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