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Luna Game
The screenshot from the gameplay of Luna game.
Maker: Unknown
Type: Application
Release date: 2011

The gameplay of Luna Game 0

The Luna Game series is a series of downloadable games based on My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicWikipedia's W.svg. The creator remains anonymous, meaning we do not know him/her. Almost every game and the related game had screamers.


In the game you started out as you playing Luna on a simplistic platform level, you are able to jump and move around using the arrow keys, after 10 seconds, the screen cuts out into two disturbing images, one shows a Pinkie Pie with Zalgo eyes and the second one shows a black-skinned Applebloom against a full moon grinning evilly. Either "Evil Enchantress" or "Hush Now, Quiet Now", in creepy warped forms play over the image. the game will not close using ESC key or using ALT + F4 Kets, the only way to close the game, is to open Task Manager by using a shortkeys CTRL + ALT + DEL, to end the process.

Luna Game 2 (May 30, 2011)[edit]

In the game you started out as the previous one and the text which tells the player to Hold Shift to run, after you keep going through, the screen cuts to Pinkie pie with black eyes and red pupils (Zalgo Pinkie pie) with distorted noise plays, after that, now the background and the blocks are tilted red and you can only move slowly, after you keep going, there is a big cliff, when you fall down on it, the Game over screen is displayed.

Luna Game 3 (June 11, 2011)[edit]

In the third game, you started off like the previous one and the background later changes into a forest, The player is able to run to either to the left or right of the screen. after you keep going the background starts to get dark slowly, and there is a huge gap on the ground, its possible to jump over the ground, when you fall down a pit, a random image will flash as Fluttershy yells "LOVE ME!" in a distorted way. At the very end, Princess Luna's corpse will come to life and screech at you before it closes itself

Luna Game 4 (July 9, 2011)[edit]

These screamers will only appear if the player fails the game. If so, many images of creepy Pinkie Pies will appear with white noise blaring. At the very end, if you win, Pinkie appears slowly on a black background, only for white noise to blare and she becomes Zalgofied for a split second.

Luna Game 0 (August 15, 2011)[edit]

The only screamer in this game occurs at the very end. After the game fakes closing after murdering Pinkie, the game will open again with a Pinkie image with crooked teeth. The sound is the same "LOVE ME!" sound bite from Luna Game 3. The text appears "This Isn't Over." The game serves as a prequel of the series.

Other Luna Games[edit]

Luna Game 5 (Fan-made; February 2012)[edit]

One screamer occurs if you fail to outrun the screen catching up to you (a realistic Pinkie Pie), another can be found as an Easter Egg at the very beginning by pressing I, K, and T on the keyboard (one of the randomly chosen screamers of Luna Game 3), and another occurs in an extra cut scene where a bloody Scootaloo will show up. The Scootaloo image has text reading: "Leave This Place."

LONA'S GOEM 48 (2012)[edit]

A badly drawn Pinkie (like most of this game) holding a knife with a stock scream effect will appear if the player goes far enough.


NOTE: Each of these videos contain screamers!

  • First game:
  • Second game:
  • Third game:
  • Fourth game:
  • Luna Game 0:
  • Fan-made Luna Game 5:
  • Lona's Goem 48:

Download Links[edit]

NOTE: The following games contain screamers which may even contain viruses!




8 months ago
Score 2++
I remember watching videos about this on YouTube back in 2012, when I was only just 8 years old.

Anonymous user #1

5 months ago
Score 0++
The Luna scream in the second game sounds like a distorted clip of the AVGN yelling "ASS!" from the Top Gun episode. Probably just me though.


4 months ago
Score 0++
True, it could be a possibility that it's the same sound but distorted.

Anonymous user #2

18 days ago
Score 0++
I remember being unironically spooked by this when I was younger. Good times.


11 days ago
Score 0++

I have found an old thread about the maker of the Luna Games, which their name is "Ceremi".
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