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The Facebook page, where the name is originated from.

Ahenobarbus Henocied is a creepypasta character, who shows up with a face poured in blood, occasionally used as a screamer image. Its story is centered around a Facebook Account supposedly managed by it, linked to many acts of pure evil, such as seeking out children on social media and bombarding them with horrific images of torment, torture, and other types of illegal content.

Origin of the picture[edit | edit source]

The picture is a photoshopped version of a Japanese ichimatsu doll with big bloodshot eyes and a bloodied mouth. Before the picture had its major debut in the Japanese internet culture, it was first used as a chain letter that would say "この画像を1時間以内にほかの掲示板に①個貼らないと年末に恐ろしいことがおこります。画像を貼らずに亡くなった人も本当にいます" (If you don't post this image on another imageboard within one hour, something terrible will happen at the end of the year. There are also people who died because they didn't send this picture.). Japanese netizens claim that the image began to circulate on the internet in mid-2004 when imageboards such as 2ch started to grow even more after the infamous Neomugi Incident happened. However, it was only recognized when a 2ch anonymous user made a thread in 2007 saying "この子すごい怖いんだがお前らの力で何とかかわいくさせてやってくれ" (This dude is scary as fuck so you guys have to somehow use your power to try to make it look cute!), and then the thread started to be filled with the same picture but edited and over-shopped to make it look cuter.

The image became such a huge meme in Japan that every time Japanese netizens saw it, they would say またお前かよ (You again?) or い つ も の (The. Same. As. Always.), implying that the picture became so overused that they don't want to see it anymore.

Facebook Page[edit | edit source]

  • in 2016, a Facebook account called "Ahenobarbus Henocied", and this disturbing image was used as a profile pic, According to ScareTheater, he tells about the person who has met the creator of the account, who was identified as 15 years old, Female, and she had posted multiple selfies of herself in Social Medias, The girl sent him a link with a domain associated with Minecraft, which leads to a pornographic website, in the Ahenobarbus Facebook Page, all of the posts are filled with dead children, usually from Rotten.com, additionally, she also posted a coordinate, relating to satanic rituals, As of December 2016, The page removed from Facebook[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. youtube.com/watch?v=QVRBtBpVWzg contains the scary image

Links[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The following image that may find as disturbing to a younger audiences!

  • dic.pixiv.net/a/かわいくさせて — Information on the original picture.

Further Reading[edit | edit source]

  • bizarretranslator2016.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-dark-side-of-facebook-ahenobarbus-henocied-profile-haarp-project-macabre-fashion-charlie-charlie-gore-files-social-networks.html

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18 months ago
Score 1++
Probably the coolest screamer character name I know so far!


10 months ago
Score 4++

Anonymous #1

16 months ago
Score 1++
The first time I've ever seen the face was from DanTDM's Trayaurus's ugly cousin, where he popped up at the end. I don't watch him anymore, though
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