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Herobrine sighting
Maker: SharpTH
Type: YouTube Video
Release date: Oct 12, 2010

Him is a screamer video uploaded by a YouTube user SharpTH on Oct 12, 2010, gaining over 2 Million views

The video begins with the old gameplay of a person playing a popular sandbox video game called Minecraft, showing a Herobrine Summoning Shrine that was made out of dirt and grass block. the video was about a creepypasta Herobrine a rumored Hostile Mob found in MinecraftWikipedia's W.svg. at 0:13, the player looks behind and Herobrine is seen fast-approaching the viewer accompanied by a loud scream. then cuts to a black screen as soon the Herobrine gets very close


NOTE: the following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=opuQmQy87x4&


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