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Really Happy Mouse is a screamer game uploaded to Gamejolt by EnclaveG on October 31, 2014. The game is an obvious parody of the creepypasta, Suicide Mouse.

The game starts up with the title screen to the game that has Mickey under a light, with his back to the player. The text above him reads: "HAPPY MOUSE" with text below it saying, "MACHEN SIE FROH MICKEY" (MAKE MICKEY GLAD). If the player doesn’t press enter for a few minutes on the title screen, there is a chance that it will suddenly change to a distorted Mickey Mouse head with his eyes blacked out and his mouth opened wide with sharp teeth. This is accompanied by a loud, distorted scream. There is text under and above his head that read: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Presumably mocking the player. After this, it would cut to a realistic Mickey head with his eyes bloodshot, and with human teeth. The text below him will read "KEEP MICKEY HAPPY".


The game features the player assuming the role of Mickey Mouse as he navigates through a town-like environment. To prevent the sanity bar located at the top-left corner of the screen from decreasing, players must collect bowties while avoiding obstacles such as nooses and water that decrease sanity levels. The objective is to reach the goal and advance to the next level. As the sanity bar decreases, Mickey's expression and movements change. When the sanity decreases to around 80, Mickey becomes upset, moving slower with accompanying piano banging sounds. If the sanity decreases to about 50, Mickey's expression becomes a huge smile, and the background buildings wobble while static noises play. When the sanity reaches about 40, Mickey's face appears rotten and creepy, he starts moving faster, and the buildings in the background transform into creatures with multiple eyes and teeth. If the sanity reaches 20, Mickey becomes covered in blood, and dead bodies are scattered around the level. Upon the sanity reaching 0, the screen cuts to black, accompanied by the sound of a gunshot. A Mickey Mouse head with Russian text below it appears on the screen, with a red overlay on the Mickey head and the background. Suddenly, multiple images of a bloody, realistic 3D Mickey head with sharp teeth and a green wireframe Mickey head appear, accompanied by a slowed-down, loud, and distorted scream. The game then returns to the main menu.


  • Good Ending: If the player makes it to the end with 100-90 sanity, it would show Mickey with Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy on a gray background with text that reads: "You made it back safely!! Oh boy!!"
  • Neutral Ending: If the player makes it to the end with 80-50 sanity, it would show Mickey alone on a gray background with text that reads: "Something is wrong little Mickey? End…?"
  • Bad Ending: If the player makes it to the end with 20 or less sanity, it would show Mickey with blood on him with his back towards the player with a distorted, realistic smile, text behind him with "SMILE", accompanied by a loud, low pitched, slowed down scream.



NOTE: The following game contains screamers!

  • Showcase video:


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