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Screenshot of NES Godzilla Creepypasta, featuring Godzilla (right) and Red (left), the main antogonist.

NES Godzilla Creepypasta is a well-known creepypasta by CosbyDaf, and arguably one of the most acclaimed ones of the gaming genre. It tells the story of a young gamer named Zachary, who recently acquired a cartridge of one of his favorite childhood NES games, Godzilla: Monsters of Monsters.

As he plays through the game, however, he finds out that there is something out of the ordinary about this copy, which is exciting to him at first because the game includes characters and levels that were not in the original. Not long afterwards, though, things start to take a much more sinister turn, as Zachary discovers more and more things about this cartridge during his playthrough.

October 2012: YouTube user Goji73 (John Drooney) created a complete narration of the creepypasta for his channel with permission from the author. Apart from adding appropriate music from the NES game's soundtrack and fan-made arrangements of the tunes described in the story, his videos also add some new effects and animations based on CosbyDaf's original artwork. These include several screamers.

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The first screamer appears in Chapter 5: Entropy (19:09 in the video), when the villain's face suddenly materializes out of red text on the screen and flies towards the viewer with a loud, echoing roar.

The second one happens near the beginning of Chapter 6: Extus (2:21 in the video) after an NPC from the game simply known as 'Face' asks a perplexing and foreboding question. The camera then slowly moves in on his face as the narrator recounts his thoughts, and after it fades away, a bloodily mangled close-up of his face pops up for a split second with a scream that gets cut off just as quickly.

The third and final screamer appears near the end of the same chapter (19:59 in the video), when the villain directly reacts to a remark by the protagonist by turning towards the screen and screaming, as his face quickly flies towards the viewer yet again with the same roar as in the first screamer.


NOTE: The following videos contain screamers!




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